Udvash Online Class

Udvash coaching is a renowned coaching center in our country. The coaching has been providing outstanding teaching to the students all over the country. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the coaching has arranged an online live class so that students can learn things sitting in their homes. Udvash online class has already got a huge popularity and a large number of students have been getting quality education from them. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Udvas online live class.

How Udvash Online Class Provides Education?

Udvash online class is provided to students through Zoom App. Zoom application is a very well known and globally renowned video streaming app through which people can participate in a meeting, video calling, or any other video conferencing. By using the application, teachers all over the world provide teaching and students can continue their studies even in the current lockdown situation. So the initiative of Udvash online class by the authority deserves a lot of praise to help a lot of students out there.

Who is Udvash Online Class For?

Udvash online class is for those students who are taking preparation for the HSC final exam or university admission exam. The orientation class was held on 28th June 2024 at 10:30 am. After the orientation, students are getting lectures according to the class routine by the coaching authority. The quality of the education through an online platform is good so you can join the class session without any hesitation.

Udvash Online Class Routine

Udvash online class routine is prepared in a way so that most of the students can easily join the class and take lessons without any issue. Classes for Bangla version students start at 8:00 am every day. There are a total of 6 classes each day for Bangla version students. Classes for English version students will start from 2:15 pm. There are a total of 3 classes for English version students. If you want to get the detailed class routine of the Udvash online class, you have to click on the link here.


Unmesh Online Class Routine

Ff you are interested for medical admission then you can take online admission at Unmesh medical coaching. New batch will start soon. You will get Unmesh live class, Live exam, Model test and pdf of every class.


Udvash Unmesh Online Live class

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown situation all over the country, the authority to Udvash coaching has decided to take the full course online. The authority has divided the class plan into separate parts. Every part of the course plan has a separate syllabus. All the classes will be taken according to the plan and syllabus.

As per the announcement by the authority, they will take a total of 68 online classes and 172 online exams in a total of 4 parts. There will be lectures on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English in every part. Students will get access to attend classes through the zoom app from their own homes. Students will also get the PDF files of all the class lectures.

Udvash Online Class Lecture Sheet Pdf Download

Udvash Online class lecture sheet pdf file will provide all students by the coaching authority. If you want to get lecture sheet then you have to take admission at Udvash coaching. They will update this file on the official website (www.udvash.com).

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We have provided all the details of the Udvash online class in an easier description. We hope you all have understood everything clearly. If you want to join Udvash online classes, you can easily register for the classes. After that, you will get helpful lectures, lecture sheets, and other educational materials to continue your study in this pandemic.

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