Top 10 Insurance Companies

The top 10 insurance companies in Bangladesh are providing excellent service to the people of this country. Insurance is not the most well-known topic in our country. But these companies are converting more and more clients through their convenient services and legit commitments.

We piled up 10 of the best insurance companies in Bangladesh with some extra details to make it easier for you to pick.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

Let’s check out a list of 10 of the top insurance companies in Bangladesh below.

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  1. MetLife ALICO

At first, we will talk about the MetLife ALICO which is the biggest insurance company in Bangladesh. It was established back in 1952, and since then, this company has earned the trust of its clients through reliable service.

This insurance company is originated from America. But the service it provides really suits the needs of our people. So, it became the best insurance company in our country over the years.

It has won the award of “Superbrands Bangladesh Award 2020-2021”, and continues to deliver excellence in its service and business policy.

  1. Sandhani Life Insurance Co.Ltd

Next, we have Sandhani Life Insurance Co Ltd, which is another fantastic insurance company in our country. It was established back in 1990, and it’s been providing the clients with the most trustworthy service.

This company helps so many people with their diverse insurance services, and it has a great impact on society as well. It definitely deserves to be on our list for this amazing record.

  1. Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd

Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd is another well-renowned insurance company in our country that has been there for ages now. It was established back in 1984, and they gained the trust of everyone with their amazing services.

This company is working towards giving high-quality insurance services to its clients, which is pretty amazing.

  1. JibanBima Corporation

The JibanBima Corporation is a government-funded insurance company that’s owned by the Government of Bangladesh. Therefore, it’s one of the safest and most trustworthy insurance companies across the country. It’s been delivering great service to its clients since 1973.

  1. Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd. (PLICL)

When it comes to diversity and convince, Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd. (PLICL) undoubtedly gets the crown of the best insurance company in this country. This company was established in 2000, which is relatively recent compared to other insurance companies on our list. But since then, it was a massively successful company and made a lot of loyal clients.

  1. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited

Next, we have the Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited, which is unarguably the best insurance company when you talk about the expenses. It provides the best deal for money compared to all the other companies on our list. Also, it’s a very trustworthy insurance company as it’s been there since 1996.

  1. Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd

No other insurance company can give you a better service that follows Islamic Sharia than Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd. So, if that’s a priority or a thing you consider, then you don’t have to look elsewhere.

  1. Pragati Insurance Company Limited

This is probably the best non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. The Pragati Insurance Company Limited provides insurance for your home, cars, office, accidents, etc. It easily makes its spot on your list of top insurance companies in our country.

  1. Padma Life Insurance Company Ltd

Padma Life Insurance Company Ltd gives you a variety of life insurance deals to choose from, and you have the most control over everything. This flexibility and transparent services made it a favorite life insurance company for a lot of people in Bangladesh.

  1. Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd

Finally, we have the Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd, which is a relatively new company, but got popular very soon thanks to its amazing services and deals. They mainly focus on small families and they are easily one of the best insurance companies in our country without any doubt.

Last Verdict

Insurance is the single most important tool which can help fight a financial disaster. And these companies are doing an amazing job at delivering the best service to their clients.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.