Redmi Note 8 Battery Price

The Redmi Note 8 battery price in Bangladesh is very reasonable and you can get a “New-like” experience from your smartphone with this option. Changing the battery is the cheapest way to make your smartphone run as well as new and it’s the best option to choose.

If you don’t know the price of a Redmi Note 8 battery in Bangladesh, we have got you covered. We’ll check out everything you need to know about this including the price for the official and unofficial units, where to replace the battery, and the differences between a fake and a real battery.

Redmi Note 8 Battery Official

The official price of the Redmi Note 8 battery is around 1200 taka in Bangladesh. You can purchase it from authorized shops and repair your smartphone. That should solve all of your battery problems and give you the best user experience.

Not to mention, the warranty is the best part about purchasing an official battery. That allows you to get a replacement if there’s any issue with your battery during the warranty period. So, it’s totally worth your money, and you should definitely get the Redmi Note 8 official battery to get the best experience.

Redmi Note 8 Battery Unofficial

If you want to get the unofficial Redmi Note 8 battery, it should cost you around 800 Taka according to the recent market price. But as it doesn’t cover any warranty whatsoever, you should always check it beforehand. You don’t want to buy a dead unit as you won’t be able to get any service from it.

But buying an unofficial battery is undoubtedly a great way to save some money as it costs less than an official one. Getting a similar battery for less money is always a great option and you can consider it if you are on a tight budget.

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Redmi Note 8 Battery Replace

There are many repair shops available where you can replace your Redmi Note 8 battery from. However, you should not take it to a random repair shop as they might damage the smartphone while fixing it, which is the worst-case scenario. Rather, you should go to a reputed and well-known shop for the best service.

In that case, going to shops in Motaleb Plaza, Bashundhara, or any similar places should give you the best results that you crave. They have professionals who can repair your smartphone in no time and do it perfectly.

Redmi Note 8 Battery Original VS Fake

Using an originalvs fake Redmi Note 8 will give you completely different results. The fake unit will get excessively heated while you charge it. Also, the battery will drain super-fast, which is not good for daily driving.

On the other hand, an original battery will give you an excellent battery backup. There won’t be any stutter or interruptions when you’re using it. So, you need to get your battery from an authorized shop and make sure that it’s an original unit to get the best battery backup from your Redmi Note 8 smartphone.

Wrapping Up

We just covered a lot of information about the price of the Redmi Note 8 battery in Bangladesh. Hopefully, it’ll help you to get the best deal without getting scammed.

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