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Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station?

Answer: Yes, I have visited a railway station and bus station multiple times. Normally, I visit a bus station more frequently than visiting a railway station. Last time, I visited a bus station with my family as we were visiting Dhaka. I feel charming when I visit any bus station because I can see a lot of activities by different types of people there.

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How are they similar or dissimilar?

There are some similarities and dissimilarities between a railway station and a bus station. The similarity between these two is that people use both for traveling from one place to another. In the bus station or railway station, the bus or train waits for the passengers to get on or get down. The dissimilarity between these two is that a bus station is for buses and a railway station is for trains.

Have You Ever Visited a Railway Station and/or Bus Station Summary

Visiting a railway station or a bus station is very exciting for many of us. This is more exciting for us when we visit a station very rarely.  Recently, I have visited a bus station with my family last month while we are going to Dhaka. On that trip, I was accompanied by my father, mother, and younger sister. We visited our relatives at that time because we visit our relatives in Dhaka during this time every year.

At the bus station, I saw a lot of things to notice. The most noticeable thing is that people are so happy to get on a bus as they feel nearer to their destination or completion of their purpose. A lot of hawkers and sellers sell different types of products. Most of the products are very necessary for daily use. Some of the products were rare such as some toys and household items. I also saw a lot of beggars begging at the station.

The most interesting thing I saw in the station was that when any bus is about to leave the station or to enter the station, every person on the bus or the surrounding area becomes very happy. I find it very interesting while I saw happiness in the face of people. I also enjoyed the rush of the people when a bus starts its engine to start the journey. But I did not like the pollution in the bus station at all.

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