The PESP Finance Gov BD website makes it easier for students to receive, keep track of, and manage their scholarship money. It’s one of the most convenient ways to check out all the details and necessary pieces of information about the scholarship program.

But if you haven’t used the website before, it might be confusing for you to use it for the first time. Let’s check out everything you need to know about this website and how you can log into your account with step by step method down below.

PESP Finance Gov BD

The PESP Finance Gov. BD is one of the best decisions from the Government of Bangladesh to encourage kids to pursue education. They can get scholarship money, which can be a big help for poor families.

And the digital system makes it even easier for a student to apply for a scholarship and get money through mobile banking. It’s very simple and convenient for anyone to use thanks to the website.

PESP MIS Scholarship Program

The Primary Education Stipend Program (PESP) allows students who belong to poor families to apply for a scholarship program. That way, they can receive the money to help themselves and support their family to be able to continue their studies.

That’s a great opportunity for them and allows them to get educated and become great citizens of this country. And the Government of Bangladesh has made it easier for them to apply and receive the money.

PESP Finance Gov BD Login

If you have a smartphone with an active internet connection, you can log into your PESP finance Gov account from your home and access it. Below, we’ll cover the steps that you need to follow to log into your account. Without any further ado, let’s check it out right now.

  • Open your favorite web browser and go to
  • You should find two empty boxes that require you to put your username and password inside them. Put your phone number in the username box.
  • For the password, put “sha123” as it’s the default password that you’d have to change afterward.
  • Once you put the details in the boxes, you can press the Login button below.
  • And that will take you to your account dashboard and you can access all of your information.

PESP Finance Gov BD PESP Applicant New

After logging into your PESP Finance Gov. Account, it’s time to make a new applicant account for the first and the last time. It has to be done manually and you can go through the following steps to create the new applicant account without any trouble. Let’s go over the steps below.

  • First, change the password from “sha123” to anything you want. Just make sure that it’s a strong password.
  • Then, click on the new applicant option from the top menu bar.
  • That should pop up the form that you’d have to fill up for the application process. Fill up everything with the required information and double-check it.
  • Once you fill up the form, click on submit and you’re done.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can now easily navigate the PESP finance Gov website and access your account. Make sure to follow the steps and you should have no trouble logging into your account.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.