PEC Exam routine

Those who will participate in the PEC exam should never miss the PEC exam routine. Your routine has already been published. So you have to prepare yourself according to the routine. Today we will present all the information regarding the PEC exam routine. So let’s see the Primary School Certificate Routine exam’s detailed routine and time table.

When the PEC exam will start?

According to the ministry of primary education’s notice, this year’s PEC exam and Ibtedayi exam will start on 17th November, Sunday. The exam’s duration will be six days and it will end on 24th November. Every subject contains 100 marks so total marks will be 600 marks. The same amount of numbers is fixed for Ibtedayi students of the Madrasa board.

PEC exam routine 2024 highlights

We will present some important facts about the PEC exam routine for you. With the help of that, you can memorize the routine easily. The important points of the routine are:

  • The exam will start on 17th November.
  • The end of the exam is on 24th November.
  • Duration of the exam: 2.30 hours.
  • The exam will start at 10.30 AM and will be ended at 1 PM.
  • Every subject’s full marks: 100 numbers.

PEC Routine 2024 PDF

Now we will present the PEC exam routine to you. Our routine has been collected from the ministry of primary education so this is a hundred percent authentic. After getting the routine to evaluate yourself more. If you have some lacking on any subject then try to recover that. So let’s see which exam will be held on which date.

PSC Routine 2021
PSC Exam Routine 2021
  Date PEC exam subjects Ibtedayi PEC exam subjects
  17/11/19 English English
  18/11/19 Bangla Bangla
  19/11/19 Introduction to Bangladesh and the world Introduction to Bangladesh and the world


Primary science Arabic
  21/11/19 Religion and Ethics Quran majid and Tajbid and Akaid and Fikah
  24/11/19 Math Math

  *** Every exam will start on10:30 am and continue till 01:00 pm

PSC Routine 2024 Download

When the PEC result will publish?

Usually, the PEC exam result gets published in December’s last week. Like the other times, this time result will be published on the dates between 20th December to 31st December. This is our educated guess. Time will tell us the rest.

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Final words

You have gotten the PEC exam routine. There’s a little time left now. Try to prepare yourself at this time. Don’t read or learn a new lesson. Try to revise the older lesson.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.