In this article you get details about Notre Dame College Online Test Demo, Selection Process Guidelines, Notre Dame College written test date. Notre Dame College have issued admission guidelines for the XI Class. They say, there will be only virtual written test. Oral examination will not be held due to corona.

The college will once again admit students through Bengali and English. Students will be admitted in 1,060 seats in Bengali and 300 seats in English, 400 seats in Humanities and 650 seats in Business Education.

Students will have to participate in this online admission test with a Smartphone / laptop equipped with a camera. And the authorities will monitor it from the beginning to the end of the test. The directive said that if anyone adopts any inconsistency or misconduct, his admission test will be canceled.

Notre Dame College HSC Admission Circular

The admission application Admit card should be saved carefully. Admission will be required for admission activities. The exam schedule and participation in the exam will be announced on 16th August through SMS.

Admission Test Instructions Contain

  • Written Exam Date: JUNE 2024
  • Written test time: 40 minutes (According to the syllabus of SSC examination)
  • 1 number can be deducted for 2 wrong answers in the test.

Number of seat:
• Science: 1780 (Bangla version), 300 (English version)
• Business studies: 750
• Humanities: 400

Candidates have to prepare with Smartphone / laptop equipped with a camera 30 minutes before the scheduled time. You need to have enough MB for 40 minutes online test and select the place for the test where internet network works well.

During the test, there will be no person on the exam room. By turning on the photo camera of the smartphone / laptop, the student will select a place for the test where there is enough space. During the test, the examinee will sit still and keep his eyes on the screen of the smartphone / laptop.

Online written exam demo in class XI

Audio and video of the examinee will be recorded from the beginning to the end of the examination. If any inconsistency or malpractice is found during the verification and selection of the captured audio and video, then the admission test will be considered canceled.

Notre Dame College Online Exam syllabus

Admission test will be held according to the syllabus of SSC. Those who change the department will apply for admission in the department in which they will participate in the examination.

  • Exam subjects in the science department – Bengali, English, higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and general knowledge.
  • Examination subjects in the humanities department – Bengali, English, general mathematics, science, information and technology and general knowledge.
  • Exam subjects in Business Education Department – Bengali, English, General Mathematics, Information and Technology, General Knowledge.

On the basis of the results obtained in the SSC examination and the marks obtained in the virtual written examination, final admission will be made according to the merit order. In addition, if the admission is done with wrong and untrue information, the admission will be considered canceled and the money will not be refunded.

Notre Dame College Online Selection Test Guidelines

The following topics must be taken seriously for online written test. Otherwise the test will be considered canceled.

  • Mobile, laptop or desktop must have an active camera. It should be continued during the test to ensure its effectiveness before the test.
  • Exam time is half an hour. You have to be ready for the exam by confirming the network / mobile data before the scheduled time of the exam.
  • It is mandatory to sit for the exam after wearing elegant and clean clothes. School uniforms are acceptable
  • Test ID must be used correctly. Someone else’s ID cannot be used.
  • The test will run non-stop, seats cannot be vacated during the test. No mobile phone can be used for talking, browsing or social media other than for testing purposes. You can’t look left or right and no one can be around the examinee.
  • Refrain from taking food during the test.
  • No need to keep up with calculators, smart watches.
  • Notre Dame College’s helpline is requested to immediately inform the college authorities in case of any inconvenience in participating in the examination.

Notre Dame College Admission Result 2024

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