Maple leaf international school

Maple leaf international school is an authentic and private educational institution. It ranked as one of the top educational institutions. The school create an immersive learning environment. The school offers an internationally recognized curriculum. The school shapes a range of sports, arts and elective programs. The students of the school understand their role in the positive change in the world. The vision of the school is to recognize it as the premier school with a well-balanced contributor in the community.


Students who are aged 4 to 13 can be admitted to the appropriate grade. They have to provide the previous results of their class. Their academic assessment will indicate whether they can perform well in the examination or not. They have to provide their forms and report cards. Students who are aged from 14 to 18 can be admitted to grades 9 to 12. The placement decision will be taken based on the decision of the school.

Maple Leaf International School Admission 2024

For admission to the school, the evaluation of the students is needed to identify their potential and skills level of the student. The school evaluates the social and behavioral integration of the student in the program. There will be an assessment process during the admission process of the school. In this session, the administration and principal will be present in the school.

Maple Leaf School Admission Circular

Students from the nursery have to collect the admission form from the admission office from 8 am to 10 pm. There will be a written test. The test will be held on the prescribed date mentioned in the admission form. The short-listed students will attend an interview with their parents.

Students have to submit the following papers to the school with their report card :

  • Birth certificate copy
  • Passport-size photograph of the student
  • Passport-size photograph of the parents

How to apply?

Maple international school helps to apply for the students to keep respect for their achievements. The school understand their future potential. The students can apply to the school based on an ongoing basis. They can apply from class nine to twelve. For admission in late January, they can start the process in the first term of the academic year. Students who want to apply at the beginning of September can apply during the first term of the year. If any student does not understand the circumstance, can send an email to

  • Students can admit for the January to December session from the 1st
  • Students can admit for the July to June session from the 1st

Maple Leaf International School Admission Result 2024

Maple Leaf International School Admission Result 2024 will be published on 13th December 2024.

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Maple leaf international school admission fee

The guardian of the student has to contact the office staff for the admission of their child to know about the requirements. The guardian has to fill up the registration form and return the form to the school authority. It’s a non-refundable form which is the admission payment. The guardian needs to pay it to the Account section or to the Admission office. The admission process have to be completed within the mentioned date. Once the assessment is complete, they will make a written placement recommendation and acceptance. Confirmation of acceptance is needed for the tuition of the first term. Students of classes nine to twelve will receive the schedule from the department of guidance.

Maple leaf international school brings joy to the classroom. The school provides an authentic education experience for the students. Students who are aged from 4 to 18 can learn from dedicated teachers with modern equipment. It’s a great chance for a student to unlock their potential with the Maple leaf family.

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