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Assignment: Make a list of three activities that you can do for your friends during the present pandemic situation.

Of the three activities:

  1. Which one do you prefer most?
  2. What problems may you face to fulfill?
  3. How do you solve the problems?

Instruction: The teacher will check students’ answer scripts following assessment rubrics.

Coronavirus disease is a highly infectious respiratory disease. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for covid-19. One of the preventive measures against the Corona Virus is wearing masks. Social distancing is also one of the effective ways of limiting the spread of the Corona Virus.

Class 7 English Assignment Answer 8th Week

As a conscious citizen, I have some responsibilities that I can do for my friends during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Ans to the Q No – 1

A list of three activities that I can do for my friends during the present pandemic situation:

  • Giving financial support as I can.
  • Arrange sanitizer for being safe.
  • Serve the mask for wearing.

Of all these three activities, I do prefer number three as it is easy to manage for myself. Because my elder brother has a drug store and from here I can easily serve them some facial masks to my friends.

Ans to the Q No – 2

To fulfill my activity I may face some problems such as:

  • Financial problem
  • Restrictions from my parents
  • People management
  • Lack of experience.
  • The social problem as I am younger.

Ans to the Q No – 3

These problems can be solved. Now I’ll describe these.

For financial problems, I can raise money from wealthy people. And to my parents, I have to manage them for going out and convene them that I will go out too much safely keeping to maintain social distance.

At this work, I am totally new person. And I don’t have any experience in people management. So far, I need to take help from seniors to learning managing people.

Besides that, we can make our immune system stronger by following the health rules, taking nutritious food, drinking a lot of liquid, and doing light exercise.

While we are waiting for a cure for COVID-19, we must follow these measures to prevent COVID-19.

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