Class 8 English Assignment

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Assignment : Lesson-2: The Historic 7 March Speech

Write a letter to your friend telling her/him how you feel when you listen to Bangabandhu’s historic 7 March Speech.

Instruction: Students will have to follow the steps of writing a Letter.

20th Week Assignment Class 8 English Answer


Donia, Dhaka

Dear Sonia,

At first, take my love, I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I am also fine. I received your letter yesterday, in your letter you wanted to know about how to feel when listening to Bangabandhu’s historic 7 March Speech. Now here is a short description of Bangabandhu’s historic 7 March Speech.

The March 7 address by Bangabandhu the great poetry of our emancipation is a time-tested speech. This great speech still ignites people. It flames forth our unquenchable thirst for justice. It makes us move in tune with the spirit of the Liberation War. Martha Nussbaum calls it a ‘love’, and thus distinguishes it from the simple embrace of principles. This love involves the feeling that the nation is one’s own. Consider “bhayera aamar” or “amar manush” from the March 7 Speech or “Amar Sonar Bangla” from our national anthem, you will see the ground for this claim.

It is not an address of 19 minutes, but a reservoir of the ideology Bangabandhu had professed throughout his political career and instilled in us a powerful national political emotion. We should assemble every March 7 at the Suhrawardy Udyan to rejuvenate ourselves in the spirit of the Liberation War.

No, more today, please write me soon you. Respect your parents and love your younger ones. Your loving friend Shayma


Shaym, Narayangonj


Sonai Donia, Dhaka-1236

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