ICMAB Result

The ICMAB Result 2024 is out right now and every candidate is eager to know about their result. It’s one of the most important exams for them and they can’t wait to get their hands on the result.

Luckily, you don’t need to run to an office to check the results as you can check them online. That has made life so much easier and it takes only a few minutes to do that.

To help you with that, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the ICMAB Result including the publish date, grading system, and how to check it below.

ICMAB Result 2024

The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) result has been published after a long wait. The candidates are ready to accept their reward for hard work and dedication with this result.

The result along with all the necessary notices is published on the official website of ICMBA. That removes any chance of spreading misinformation or any false details.

ICMAB Result Publish Date

The publish date of the ICMAB result is 8 December 2024. It holds the result for the September 2024 EXAMINATION RESULTS UNDER 2015 & 2021 SYLLABUS, and anyone who took part in this exam should look for their name and information on the result.

As the result has already been published, the candidates can easily check it out from the official website of The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB). We’ll cover more about it in the next segment.

How to Check ICMAB Result

Checking the ICMAB result is super easy thanks to the online method. We’ll cover the step-by-step guide that you can follow to check your results in a few minutes. So, without any further ado, let’s check it out right now.

  • First, open your favorite web browser and go to https://www.icmab.org.bd
  • Look at the top menu bar, find a menu called “Examination” and click on it.
  • That should pop up a new menu bar. You need to click on “Examination Results” from this menu.
  • That will bring up the results list in front of you. Now, pick the results that you want to see and click on the download option there.
  • Once you do that, it’ll open a new tab where you’ll find all the names listed. That’s the ICMAB result and you can save it on your device if you want to see it later without going through all the steps again.


Final & Level Complete

Subject Complete


Final & Level Complete

Subject Complete

ICMAB Result Grading System

Now that you have learned how to check the ICMAB results for yourself, it’s time to learn a bit more about the grading system. It’s a very easy system to learn and you should have no trouble understanding it properly. The following list will help you to understand the ICMBA result grading system better.

  • Grade-A – Pass Standard
  • Grade-B – Not up to pass standard
  • Grade-C – Considerably below pass standard
  • Grade-D – Poor Standard
  • Grade-E – Very Poor Standard

Form Fill-up Notice & Routine for CMA January 2024 Examination




Final Verdict 

Hopefully, our guide has helped you check your ICMAB result without any issues. Make sure to follow the steps properly and you should have the results right in front of you.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.