Eprimary school system

The directorate of primary education or DPE has started a new initiative called the eprimary school system. Students and teachers can register and use the eprimary school system login to carry out their educational activities. In this article, we will explain to you how you can use this system and how you can use the eprimary school system login. So, keep reading to find out!

Eprimary School System Website

The directorate of primary education has updated all the necessary information on their website. If you want to visit the website, click on the link shown here. This link will contain all the necessary information, the manual, and FAQs. It will also contain the links for the eprimary school system login system.

The links for different eprimary school systems for different districts are also included. To register onto the eprimary school system, you can use the link shown here and fill-up the fields accordingly.

Eprimary School System Login

First, you have to access the website of the Department of Primary Education (dpe.gov.bd). Then you have to enter the primary school system from the left. Now to log in to the e-primary school system, you have to click on the specific section. Then you have to enter the school with a user ID and password. The user ID will be the EMIS number of the school.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that if your school is the government then you have to add 91 in front of the EMIS number and if it is newly nationalized then you have to add 99 in front. The password will be dpe123 or if you have changed, you will need to enter with the changed password.

ব্যবহার নির্দেশিকা

 ই-প্রাইমারী স্কুল সিস্টেমে Log In করতে নির্দিষ্ট বিভাগে  ক্লিক করুন।

Eprimary Login System for Students

If you click on the e-Primary System menu from the Internal E-Services tab on the right side of the page will bring up the eprimary school system login page. Select your category to login to the e-primary school system here. If you select the category, the login page of e-primary school system software will come up. There are 11 menus for the software. 5 menus again have separate sub-menus.

You will have to work on all the menus in phases. If you hold the mouse over the student management in the menu here, 6 more sub-menus will come out. Go through the menus one by one and fill out the required information as directed in the fields to complete your eprimary school system login process.

When to Update Eprimary School System Data?

Teachers may need to update their eprimary school system for the following reasons:

  • Usually when you join a new job, you have to upload new information.
  • When new training is received, the training information has to be updated.
  • The data has to be updated after the increment in July.
  • The information has to be updated after the time scale.

Eprimary school system will make the education system much more easily accessible to everyone. All the required information can be accessed from there. We have shown you the eprimary school system login procedure in this article. We hope you didn’t encounter any issues. Visit us again for more information!

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