Egeneration Limited IPO Result

Egeneration Limited is one of the leading IT consulting and software solutions company in Bangladesh. The company has the highest number of clients in the Banking and Financial sector, eGovernance and Manufacturing. Recently the company has offered Initial Public-Offering (IPO) to grow the company. Egeneration Limited IPO will commence later this December. The public is eagerly looking for the Egeneration Limited IPO Result.

Egeneration Limited IPO Prospects

Egeneration Limited IPO will raise Tk. 15 crore by issuing 1.50 crore shares in the capital market at an issue price of Tk. 10 through the fixed price method. This process will cover the cost of purchasing commercial space. By this, they will also be able to repay loans and developing digital healthcare platforms, IPO costs.

Because the financial year ended on June 30, 2021, the company’s earnings per share (EPS) was 1.82 tk. and net asset value per share (NAV) was 20.57 tk. By June 30, 2021, Egeneration Limited has a total of Tk. 363,945,996 of turnover, Tk. 156,842,931 of gross profit. And the company’s total assets are Tk. 1,312,490,768. With this much value, Egeneration Limited IPO is sure to raise the company’s total growth.

Egeneration Limited IPO Subscription Summary

Egeneration Limited IPO will commence later this December. The company is to issue 1.50 crore shares by the price of Tk. 10 through a fixed price model. The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has approved the Initial Public Offering (IPO) proposal of EGENERATION Limited to raise Tk. 15 crore by issuing 1.5 crore shares on the capital market.

  • IPO subscription to begin 12 Jan
  • IPO subscription Last Date: 18 January

Each share of the IT firm will have a face value of Tk10. As of 30 June 2021, the company’s net profit was Tk109, 042,194, which was Tk. 104,882,434 in the previous year. During that period, the company’s gross profit was Tk 156,842,931, which was Tk144, 094,357a the year before. At the same time, its earnings per share were Tk. 1.82, and net asset value per share Tk. 20.56.

Egeneration Limited IPO Result 2021

As per the BSEC’s decision, only institutional investors with a minimum of Tk.1 crore investments in stocks can subscribe to the shares of the company under the electronic subscription system. By the regulator, the company’s IPO subscription will be determined in January 2024 for the interest of the investors.

Non Resident Bangladeshi

Resident Bangladeshi

Affected Small Investors

Stock Exchange/Merchant Banker’s Code


Egeneration Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on November 22nd2003 and subsequently, it was converted to a Public Limited Company as of 5th July 2024. Egeneration Limited has been working diligently to provide leading innovative solutions.  The company wants to provide a one-stop consulting service, facilitating a flow of international standard IT offerings to local and international organizations.

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To accomplish that, the strategy is to have a strong network of strategic partners that ensures the best possible quality of services. In order to provide the most value for the customers, Egeneration Limited performs thorough “needs analysis” for each of the prospective clients.

Final Word

We have described everything about the Egeneration Limited IPO result. Since 2024, Egeneration Limited releases IPO subscription. From them, the total assets of the company continue to grow. If a consumer buys the share of this company, he can only expect profit.

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