Degree Scholarship

Every year, the National University authority publishes the NU Degree Scholarship notice to help brilliant students with financial aids. The NU Degree scholarship is arranged with the view of making higher education more affordable. Based on the final result of the degree final exam, students are selected for the scholarship. Students who achieved a good CGPA will receive a merit scholarship and those who have not gotten a good CGPA will receive a general scholarship.

Every year, the authority of the National University publishes the list on their official website. If you are looking for all kind of information about the NU Degree Scholarship then you have come to the right place. This article will include all the information such as how to apply for the scholarship, the degree scholarship notice, scholarship notice as well as you will find the pdf form for the Upobritti in this article.

Degree Scholarship 2024 Notice

The National University Degree Scholarship 2024 notice has been published on the official website. Every year students are selected based on their results on the final exam. Due to the global pandemic many exams were on hold and similarly, many other academic activities were also on hold.

As a result, students who applied for the NU degree scholarship were delayed. However, the authority has recently published on their official website about the Degree Scholarship 2024 notice. If you are looking for the notice, please follow the link below here. You can also visit the official website to look for the notice.

Who can apply

  • Degree 3rd Year 2017-18 Session
  • Degree 2nd Year 2018-19 Session
  • Degree 1st Year 2019-20 Session

NU Scholarship Application 2024

The education board for the secondary and higher secondary has already declared about the NU degree Scholarship. Students who have finished their degree and are in their 1st year or their Master’s program can apply for the NU degree Scholarship. The application procedure is very simple. There are two types of scholarships that are given to the students, they are merit scholarship and general scholarship. Please follow the link here to know more about the NU Scholarship Application 2024.

  • Application Start from: 9th January 2024
  • Application last Date: 10th February 2024

Upobritti Form 2024 Apply Online

The authority of the National University has recently published the NU Degree Scholarship notice. Graduate and passing students of equivalent standing, as well as meritorious students, will be awarded scholarships. Many students are already applying for the Upobritti. In order to apply for Upobritti by the government, students have to finish the registration process. The application process is given here:

  1. To begin, go to the Eksheba Gov BD Scholarship 2024 official website at
  2. Fill out the first box with your name and your parent’s names.
  3. Then, fill in the blanks with information on your “current study.”
  4. After that upload your colored photo.
  5. To finish the application procedure, click the Submit Button.

After finishing the registration process you need to submit some important documents. Such as,

  1. Certificate from the educational institution where you are presently studying, signed by the head of the institution/head of the department.
  2. Number on one’s own ID card or birth certificate.
  3. Numbers on father’s and mother’s national identification cards
  4. Active mobile number and email address.

NU Degree Scholarship List

After the publication of the NU Degree scholarship, many eager students are already trying to apply for it. This application is given to students who are in need of financial support. Similarly, many upobritti are also been arranged by Bangladesh Government. After finally selecting all the students, the scholarship list will be published. If you are looking for the NU degree scholarship list, please follow the link here to find the list. You can also visit the official website.

Upobritti Form 2024 PDF Download

All the important notifications regarding the upobritti application form is already uploaded to the official website. You can as well find them on our website. Please follow the link here to get the upobritti form of 2024. After following the link, you will be able to download the pdf there as well. Click on the link here to download Upobritti PDF form.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this article, you are able to find answers to all your questions about the NU Degree Scholarship. We update all the information on time so that you do not miss any important notices. Please visit our website for more similar information.

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