Data Entry Operator Job Circular

Are you looking for data entry job circular? It is hard to find detailed instructions on the internet on this topic. So how would you find the job circular?

Well, loose your worry. Because we have done all the research for you and gathered information on this subject. Just read the whole article and you will find out everything.

Data Entry Operator Job Circular 2021

Data entry operator position is one of the sought-after job in the 21st century. Circular don’t come out every year. So, it is hard to keep a track of the circular. You don’t want to miss it right?

So, to make your search easier, we will discuss the job circular of few of the excellent government and non-government organisations for the post of data entry operator.

Government Dara Entry Operator Job Circular

Now we will discuss few of the present times most in demand government job circular for the post of data entry operator.

Data Entry Operator Job in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

In 15th November Ministry oh Health and Family Welfare published a circular for a few offices post. Data entry operator is one of them. It is a Ministry working under the Health Ministry. So, this makes it one of the sought-after job opportunities in Bangladesh at present time. Especially after the Pandemic.

The qualification you need for this job is very precise.

  • Fist you need to at least have an HSC or univalent degree.
  • You must have great computer skill with a typing speed of 30 (in English) and 25 (in Bangla) word per minute.
  • There is a Vacancy for 2
  • The Application deadline is 18th December 2021

Data Entry Operator Job Circular in BCSIR

Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research has published job circular for vacant posts in 17th November 2024. Apart form scientific and research personals they are also looking for 3 Data entry/ computer operator

Theis are the qualification requirement and some initial information of the job:

  • SSC or equivalent certificate
  • Typing speed of 35 words per minute.
  • Application Deadline is 30th November 2021

Non-Government Data Entry Operator Job Circular

Apart from Government sector, a few prominent non-government companies and organizations have also recently published circular for the vacancy of data entry operator.

Data Entry Operator Job Circular in Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co. Ltd.

Bangladesh communication Equipment company is one of the growing organisations in IT sector.  They are searching for a few prominent officials in their recent vacant posts.

Here are a few things you need to know about the job:

  • There is a vacancy for 5 posts.
  • The salary range is Tk. 22000 – 25000 (Monthly)
  • The deadline of application is 26 Nov 2021

Data Entry Operator Job Circular in Adommo Sikkhalay

Adommo Sikkalay is a well known voluntary organisation. For permanent official work and for keeping a record for their bookkeeping they are looking for data entry operator.

Few important information regarding the job:

  • There is a vacancy of 1 post.
  • Salary is negotiable.
  • The application deadline is 12th December 2024.

Shikkha Prokoushol Odhidoptor Exam Date

Sikkha Prokoushol recently re-published the date of the written exam in the official website for the 12 posts. The exam will be held on 15th October 2021, 5 November, 2021, 19thNovember, 2021, and 26 November, 2024.  There are about 1198 vacancy in this sector.

Upcoming Data Entry Operator Job Circular 2024

More circulars are yet to come for the post of data entry operator in different government and non-government sector. We will post them as soon as they are published. So, keep an eye on our website.

Last Words

Data entry Operator Job position is one of the most looked through position at recent time. So, don’t miss out on any opportunity. If you have the typing speed and computer skill, confidently apply for the job.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.