Dakhil Vocational Syllabus

Dakhil Vocational Syllabus 2024 is considered to be a guideline for upcoming Dakhil examinations. The exam will happen after a couple of months from now on as per as latest news update. The period might be changed as the days go by. In this write up we will gather some knowledge about Dakhil Vocational Syllabus. We will try to know what we should wrap up before seat for our vocational Dakhil examinations.

Why Dakhil Vocational Syllabus?

As the whole world including Bangladesh is going through this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s getting impossible to open up educational institutions. Starting from kindergarten to universities everything remains closed for the last ten months (since March 2024). Closed up educational institutions are having a bad impact on student behavior, so the ministry of education has permitted respected institutions to take their exams from students.

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Dakhil Vocational Exam

Dakhil vocational exams are the Madrasha version of usual Junior/Secondary school exams. The ministry of education set a different board for the Madrasha [Dakhil] students. That’s why Dakhil exams are slightly different from usual Junior/Secondary exams. So, it’s turned out to be a bit different syllabus from another curriculum of exams. Dakhil exams are based on Islamic educations. Here you will find some extra subjects which are related to Islam.

Dakhil Vocational Short Syllabus PDF

There will be a total of 15 subjects for Dakhil (Vocational) students. Fourteen of them are compulsory, and the rest will be as an optional subject. The Directorate of Madrasha Education Board of Bangladesh has decided this. There will be some PDF’s around the internet where you will get your asked short syllabus for Dakhil Vocational examinations, like:

Dakhil (Vocational)-Compulsory Syllabus

এসএসসি পরীক্ষার সকল সাজেশন পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন

গ্রুপ লিঙ্কঃ https://www.facebook.com/groups/resultbd

Apart from all the Dakhil Vocational Syllabus, students who will sit for the board exams this year need to start reading hard. Especially, students who are in class 8 and 10 now. Because the big hunt is coming soon which is their board examinations. So, be well prepared for your upcoming exams.

Mark Distribution of BTEB Dakhil Short Syllabus

To help you to complete Dakhil Vocational Syllabus more efficiently, have a look at the mark distributions of Dakhil Vocational exams:

  • Total Subject: 15
  • MCQ: 30 Marks
  • Written: 70 Marks
  • Total: 100 Marks

As you can see MCQ will be 30 marks, each of them carries 1 point of the total number. Focus on it more. MCQ’s are easy to gain a bunch of marks easily in less time than written questions. However, for the written part, you will be given nine to ten questions, out of those questions you need to write answers for seven questions. Each of the written questions carries 10 marks.

Final Words

Last not the least, work hard on your studies, get a good result and serve our country. Every student of this is an asset to this country. To be a good people of this country you need to have a good result. Hope this Dakhil Vocational Syllabus guide will help you.

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