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After chatgpt disabled for users in Italy, people are searching how to use chatgpt in Italy.

The Italian Data Protection Authority or italian garante has blocked ChatGPT in Italy for privacy concerns. Until now, ChatGPT was open for internet users worldwide. However, on March 31st, OpenAI geo-blocked ChatGPT in Italy, preventing Italians from accessing the app.

This ban officially blocks ChatGPT usage in Italy. But you can still use ChatGPT in Italy using a few hacks. If you are a ChatGPT fan in Italy looking for ways to access this app after its ban, read this guide to learn how to use ChatGPT in Italy.

4 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Italy

By blocking ChatGPT in Italy, Open AI prevents access to ChatGPT throughout the country. But should it stop you from accessing the website in Italy?

Definitely not!

This section covers working strategies allowing you to access ChatGPT in Italy despite the geo-restriction. So, without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Use ChatGPT in Italy Using VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are probably the easiest way to access any geo-restricted app worldwide. Likewise, you can use a VPN service to access ChatGPT in Italy. VPN services mask your IP addresses, allowing you to access the internet anonymously and geo-restricted apps on your devices.

You can subscribe to any VPN provider like NordVPN, Express VPN, Proton VPN, Tunnel Bear, Turbo VPN, etc. Alternatively, free VPN providers can give you access to ChatGPT in Italy.

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Use ChatGPT in Italy Tor Browser

Another option to access ChatGPT in Italy is via the Tor web browser. This browser allows users to anonymously browse the internet by bouncing their internet connection. Tor is a free browser that you can use on your mobile device or PC after installation.

Tor browser also blocks plugins that try to access your IP address. This ensures that your browsing activity remains private. You can download the Tor browser from this website After downloading the browser, access ChatGPT using this browser.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers allow users to access geo-restricted websites in their region by mediating between the internet connection and the user’s device. A proxy server is a computer with its IP address. When you use a proxy server to browse the internet, the IP address of your proxy server will be shared, and yours remains private.

That means when you use ChatGPT using a proxy server, the ChatGPT’s server will read the proxy server’s IP address. This IP address won’t reveal your current location. So, you can effortlessly use ChatGPT in Italy using this IP address.


SnapChat is the indirect way of using ChatGPT in Italy. SnapChat recently added ChatGPT features to its platform by developing its AI-powered chatbot My AI. This chatbot integrates ChatGPT features into Snapchat. So, when you use this platform to interact with your friends, it responds with ChatGPT.

You can effortlessly use SnapChat’s My AI to access ChatGPT in Italy. The only catch is that you need a Snapchat Plus subscription since My AI is not available for free users.

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Why is ChatGPT Banned in Italy?

Italy’s data protection authority banned ChatGPT, saying that the company collected and stored user data without taking consent from users. The officials reported that ChatGPT doesn’t impose any system to prevent minors from using the platform. There is no age verification method. It also provides inaccurate information (referred to as hallucination).

In simple terms, ChatGPT is banned in Italy since the authorities feel that the website doesn’t comply with their privacy laws. However, the officials are investigating the allegations imposed on ChatGPT. So, the final decision on whether to block the app permanently is yet to be taken.

How does ChatGPT know I’m in Italy?

Your IP address!

Your IP address is the first and most crucial information that reaches any website’s server while browsing the internet. The IP address contains information regarding your current location. Your IP address will reveal your country to the server if you are in the US.

Similarly, the server will block your account while trying to access ChatGPT from Italy. That happens because the server receives your IP address and identifies that the request is made from a geo-restricted area. It then denies the request preventing you from accessing the site.

Further, you can access the website if you are an Italian traveling abroad. The geo-restriction won’t interrupt your activities.

Chat GPT, quali sono i motivi dietro allo stop del garante

Chat GPT, il più noto tra i software di intelligenza artificiale relazionale in grado di simulare ed elaborare le conversazioni umane, lo scorso 20 marzo aveva subito una perdita di dati riguardanti le conversazioni degli utenti e le informazioni relative al pagamento degli abbonati al servizio a pagamento.

Nel provvedimento – informa una nota – il Garante privacy rileva la mancanza di una informativa agli utenti e a tutti gli interessati i cui dati vengono raccolti da OpenAI, ma soprattutto l’assenza di una base giuridica che giustifichi la raccolta e la conservazione massiccia di dati personali, allo scopo di “addestrare” gli algoritmi sottesi al funzionamento della piattaforma.

Come peraltro testimoniato dalle verifiche effettuate, le informazioni fornite da Chat GPT non sempre corrispondono al dato reale, determinando quindi un trattamento di dati personali inesatto.

Will any VPN work with ChatGPT in Italy?

VPNs are the most common services to access geo-restricted apps. After the block of ChatGPT, many users are trying to access the app via VPNs. However, accessing a geo-restricted app via VPN is unethical and can raise legal concerns.

Again, Open AI, ChatGPT’s parent company, is serious about the website’s temporary block. It is trying to resolve the issue and prevent VPNs from accessing ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the internet has VPNs that can break ChatGPT’s infrastructure and security network. So, users can access ChatGPT using VPNs without interruption.

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Attesa una risposta di OpenAI entro 20 giorni

OpenAI, che non ha una sede nell’Unione ma ha designato un rappresentante nello Spazio economico europeo, deve comunicare entro 20 giorni le misure intraprese in attuazione di quanto richiesto dal Garante, pena una sanzione fino a 20 milioni di euro o fino al 4% del fatturato globale annuo.

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