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If you’re seeking information on the Boesl Admit Card 2024, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find comprehensive details on how to obtain the BOESL admit card hassle-free. Additionally, the Boes Directorate recently announced an online recruitment notice for Bangladeshis aiming to work in Korea through official channels. The Admit Card 2024 has already been issued for candidates who applied online.

What is Boesl ?

BOESL stands for Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited. It is a government-owned organization in Bangladesh responsible for facilitating overseas employment opportunities for Bangladeshi citizens. BOESL primarily focuses on sending Bangladeshi workers abroad for employment in various sectors such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and domestic work. Boesl Notice Board Korea 2024

The organization assists in the recruitment process, including job placement, visa processing, and pre-departure orientation for workers. BOESL plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights and welfare of Bangladeshi workers employed overseas, ensuring they receive fair treatment and protection in accordance with international labor standards.

How to Download Boesl Admit Card 2024 Online?

The Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Admit Card 2024 has been made available on the official website This post provides detailed instructions on how to collect BOES admit cards online. The authorities have issued a notification stating that the exam will be conducted shortly, underscoring the necessity of obtaining the admit card. It has been explicitly mentioned on the official website that no candidate will be allowed to participate in the examination without the admit card.

BOESL South Korea Registration 2024 (Apply) EPS bd

Candidates can now collect their admit cards online starting today. If you’re applying to this department for the first time, payment must be made through the bank on the official website prior to collecting the admit card online using a designated username and password. Additionally, candidates will undergo verification for language proficiency, as it is imperative for employment in Korea. Therefore, candidates may be called for language training or a language Viva. Through this registration process, candidates can correctly obtain their admit cards. The team at the Result Marksheet website is committed to assisting candidates throughout this process.

BOESL Admit Card

이 조직은 취업 알선, 비자 처리, 근로자를 위한 출발 전 오리엔테이션 등 채용 과정을 지원합니다. BOESL은 해외에 고용된 방글라데시 근로자의 권리와 복지를 보호하고 국제 노동 기준에 따라 공정한 대우와 보호를 받는 데 중요한 역할을 합니다.

If you’re unsure about the process of acquiring the Boesl Admit Card 2024 online, fret not. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head to the Boesl Directorate’s official website at
  2. Access Admit Card Section: Navigate to the admit card section on the website.
  3. Provide Login Credentials: Enter your username and password.
  4. Submit Application: After providing the necessary details, submit your application.
  5. Download and Print: Once your application is processed, you’ll be able to download and print your Boesl Admit Card 2024 using a printer.

BOESL Admit Card 2024 Downlaod

The Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Admit Card 2024 is now available on the official website. To access it:

  1. Visit Go to the official website of the Boesl Directorate.
  2. Navigate to Admit Card Section: Find and click on the admit card section.
  3. Login: Enter your credentials, i.e., username and password.
  4. Download and Print: Once logged in, download and print your admit card.

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2024 PDF

Frequently Asked Questions about BOESL

1. What is BOESL?

BOESL stands for Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited. It is a government-owned organization responsible for facilitating overseas employment opportunities for Bangladeshi citizens.

2. How can I apply for overseas employment through BOESL?

To apply for overseas employment through BOESL, you can visit their official website and follow the application instructions provided. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and complete all required documentation accurately.

3. What types of jobs does BOESL facilitate?

BOESL facilitates various types of jobs for Bangladeshi workers, including opportunities in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, domestic work, and more, depending on the demands of foreign employers.

4. How can I obtain the BOESL Admit Card?

The BOESL Admit Card can be obtained through the official website of BOESL ( Detailed instructions for collecting the admit card online are usually provided on the website. Ensure that you have fulfilled all requirements and follow the given steps carefully.

5. What documents do I need for overseas employment through BOESL?

The specific documents required may vary depending on the destination country and the nature of the job. However, common documents include a valid passport, educational certificates, medical fitness certificate, and any other relevant identification or training certificates.

6. How can I verify the authenticity of job offers received through BOESL?

It’s essential to verify the authenticity of any job offers received through BOESL. You can do so by cross-checking the details provided with official announcements on the BOESL website or by contacting BOESL directly through their official channels.

7. What support does BOESL provide to Bangladeshi workers employed overseas?

BOESL provides various forms of support to Bangladeshi workers employed overseas, including assistance with visa processing, pre-departure orientation, and advocacy for workers’ rights and welfare. They also establish communication channels for workers to seek assistance when needed.

8. How can I report grievances or seek assistance from BOESL?

If you encounter any issues or have grievances related to overseas employment facilitated by BOESL, you can reach out to them through their official contact channels, which may include phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses provided on their website.


In conclusion, obtaining the Boesl Admit Card 2024 is essential for candidates planning to participate in the upcoming examination. Make sure to follow the steps outlined above diligently to ensure a smooth process. Remember, without the admit card, you won’t be permitted to take the language test. Wishing all candidates the best of luck! If you found this guide helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with others. Thank you.

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