BCS Written Exam Syllabus

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (B.P.S.C) has recently published the 40th BCS Written Exam Syllabus on its’ official website. 41th B.C.S Written exam will beheld on 29 November 2024 in different divisional cities exam centers of Bangladesh. This is the 1st time that the M.C.Q exam was held for 200 marks within two hours. No doubt that the question was very tough to answer for most of the candidates.

41th BCS Written Exam New Syllabus

By an observation and research from different B.C.S groups of Facebook it can be said that those who will get 80-90 marks in grand total can qualify in that preliminary exam. So if you think that you will get this mark after deducting negative marks then I think it would better enough to download the below given new 41th B.C.S Syllabus to take the best preparation and appear in the upcoming B.C.S written exam. So congratulation to them from All Bd Results admin. 40th BCS Exam Result 2024 has been published.

There are total 06 Compulsory Subjects in BCS Written such as Bangla, English, Bangladesh Affairs, International affairs, Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability and General Science and Technology.

41th BCS written Marks Distribution

Bangla-200 Marks (1st Part and 2nd Part)

Bangla 1st Part-100 Marks is compulsory for both General and Technical Cadres and Professional Cadres. Bangla 2nd Part-100 Marks is compulsory only for General Cadres.

English-200 Marks (1st Part and 2nd Part)

English 1st Part-100+English 2nd Part-100=200 Marks is compulsory for both General and Technical Cadres and Professional Cadres.

Bangladesh Affairs-200 Marks (1st Part and 2nd Part)

This 200 Marks of 1st part and 2nd Part is compulsory for both type of cadres.

International Affairs-100 Marks

This 100 Marks is compulsory for everyone.

Mathematical Reasoning-50 Marks

There are 50 marks in this subject and it is compulsory for both cadres.

Mental Ability-50 Marks

This Mental ability is also compulsory for both general and technical cadres. Mathematical Reasoning and Mental ability exams will be held one after another. Remember that in mind.

General Science and Technology-100 Marks

This subject is only compulsory for General Cadre Candidates. Technical or Professional Cadre Candidates have no need to appear at this exam of 100 Marks. Hope you understood.


Sl. No. Name of the subjects Marks distribution
1. Bangla 100
2. English 200
3. General Knowledge  Bangladesh Affairs 200
4. General Knowledge International Affairs 100
5. Mathematical Reasoning & Mental ability 100
6. Job related Subject 200
7. Viva voce 200
                                                        Total = 1,100

Time allotted for each subject consisting 200 marks is 4 hours. In case of subject consisting 100 marks, the allotted time is 3 hours.

A Candidate securing less then 30% marks in any subject deemed to have secured no marks in that subject.

Candidates must obtain 50% marks in the written examination as qualifying marks.

41th BCS Written Exam Syllabus

BCS English Written syllabus
ENGLISH (COMPULSORY). Subject Code: 003 Total Marks-200
BCS bangla Written syllabus
Bangla Compulsory Subjects

Download B.C.S New Written Syllabus 2021

Download B.C.S New Written Syllabus 2021

Download B.C.S New Written Syllabus 2024

N.B. Another 200 Marks subject related 1st and 2nd part exams are compulsory only for Professional and Technical Cadre candidates. After downloading the BCS Syllabus if you are a candidate of professional or technical cadre then go through your subject related syllabus and prepare yourselves according to that question and marks distribution.

41th BCS Written Exam Date & Routine

For Computer and Information Technology I will suggest to download the below given Computer and Information Technology book and hope it will work as a helping hand to take proper preparation for Technology Part.

If you have any feedback related to 41th BCS Written Exam Syllabus BPSC.GOV.BD then please feel free to ask in the comment section. We will reply very soon.

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