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Due to this epidemic situation worldwide, the education system has changed radically. Students are doing online classes regularly. The Education Board has declared assignment 2024 for all the students so that their academic studies can go on without any impediment. All the compulsory subjects of class six to twelve have an assignment that is mandatory for submission.

All the students of the National Curriculum of Bangladesh have to submit all these assignments within the due date. The Education board of Bangladesh has proclaimed a notice every week regarding the assignment 2024 submission.

All Week Class 6 Assignment 2024

Class six eleventh-week of assignment 2024 has been published. English and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) assignment answer is here to help you. These assignments questions and notices were published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE on 11 August 2024.

All the answers to class six assignments are available here. You can prepare your answers by using our guidelines and suggestions.

1st Week Class 6 12th Week Class 6
2nd Week Class 6 13th Week Class 6
3rd Week Class 6 14th Week Class 6
4th Week Class 6 15th Week Class 6
5th Week Class 6 16th Week Class 6
6th Week Class 6 17th Week Class 6
7th Week Class 6 18th Week Class 6
8th Week Class 6 19th Week Class 6
9th Week Class 6 20th Week Class 6
10th Week Class 6 21st Week Class 6
11th Week Class 6 2nd Week Class 6

All Week Class 7 Assignment 2024

Students of class seven also have to prepare assignments on English and ICT subjects. They have to submit two assignments on English and ICT. English assignment topic is “Duty of Parents and Teachers for a Child” and the ICT assignment topic is “Significant Role of Information Technology on People, Society and Work.”

All the assignments of class 7 are available here. Class 7 assignment 2024 for 11th week on all subjects is vital for the students. Students can solve the assignment answer with our help.

1st Week Class 7 12th Week Class 7
2nd Week Class 7 13th Week Class 7
3rd Week Class 7 14th Week Class 7
4th Week Class 7 15th Week Class 7
5th Week Class 7 16th Week Class 7
6th Week Class 7 17th Week Class 7
7th Week Class 7 18th Week Class 7
8th Week Class 7 19th Week Class 7
9th Week Class 7 20th Week Class 7
10th Week Class 7 21st Week Class 7
11th Week Class 7 22nd Week Class 7

All Week Class 8 Assignment 2024

Class 8 eleventh week assignment 2024 is on English and ICT also like the other classes. English assignment is on Unit-3. The chapter name is Hygiene and Health. The assignment topic is to make a poster to stop the coronavirus disease, COVID-19 with a list of ten protective measures.

You will get all the updates of class 8 assignment every week on our website here.

1st Week Class 8 12th Week Class 8
2nd Week Class 8 13th Week Class 8
3rd Week Class 8 14th Week Class 8
4th Week Class 8 15th Week Class 8
5th Week Class 8 16th Week Class 8
6th Week Class 8 17th Week Class 8
7th Week Class 8 18th Week Class 8
8th Week Class 8 19th Week Class 8
9th Week Class 8 20th Week Class 8
10th Week Class 8 21st Week Class 8
11th Week Class 8 2nd Week Class 8

All Week Class 9 Assignment 2024

Class nine eleventh week assignments are on Bangladesh and Global Studies subject and another assignment on Math. There are many assignment answers on our website. Not only 11th week assignment 2024 but also all the answers of all classes can be found here. To know more about class 9 assignment, you can click on the link here.

Class nine BGS (Bangladesh and Global Studies) assignment is on the sixth chapter of the BGS book. The Math assignment is also on the sixth chapter of the math textbook of class 9. You will be able to find all the assignment answers here.

1st Week Class 9 12th Week Class 9
2nd Week Class 9 13th Week Class 9
3rd Week Class 9 14th Week Class 9
4th Week Class 9 15th Week Class 9
5th Week Class 9 16th Week Class 9
6th Week Class 9 17th Week Class 9
7th Week Class 9 18th Week Class 9
8th Week Class 9 19th Week Class 9
9th Week Class 9 20th Week Class 9
10th Week Class 9 21st Week Class 9
11th Week Class 9 22nd Week Class 9

Class 10 Assignment (SSC assignment 2024)

It is a quite tough time for secondary and higher secondary students. Worldwide COVID situation is concerning their academic activity. That is why the Ministry of Education Board has taken many steps for the continuation of their study. Assignment giving is one of the steps. Students of class 10 have various assignments on various subjects like Physics, Math, Geography, etc. You will get all the class 10 assignment and assignment answers on this website.

1st Week Class 10 12th Week Class 10
2nd Week Class 10 13th Week Class 10
3rd Week Class 10 14th Week Class 10
4th Week Class 10 15th Week Class 10
5th Week Class 10 16th Week Class 10
6th Week Class 10 17th Week Class 10
7th Week Class 10 18th Week Class 10
8th Week Class 10 19th Week Class 10
9th Week Class 10 20th Week Class 10
10th Week Class 10 21st Week Class 10
11th Week Class 10 2nd Week Class 10

All Week SSC Assignment 2021

SSC candidates will be able to submit their assignments on time. Here we will provide you with all the SSC assignment 2024 questions and answers. SSC 5th week assignment has been published. The Education Board has released the PDF file of the assignment on Science, Humanities and Business Studies group differently. Here are all the assignment 2024 questions and answers of all the weeks.

1st Week SSC 2021 12th Week SSC 2021
2nd Week SSC 2021 13th Week SSC 2021
3rd Week SSC 2021 14th Week SSC 2021
4th Week SSC 2021 15th Week SSC 2021
5th Week SSC 2021 16th Week SSC 2021
6th Week SSC 2021 17th Week SSC 2021
7th Week SSC 2021 18th Week SSC 2021
8th Week SSC 2021 19th Week SSC 2021
9th Week SSC 2021 20th Week SSC 2021
10th Week SSC 2021 21st Week SSC 2021
11th Week SSC 2021 2nd Week SSC 2021

HSC Assignment 2024 (HSC 1st Year) 

The HSC Assignment 2024 has already out there. These are the solution for HSC 2024 examination. A short syllabus is given by the education board to finish the course on time. Assignments of different weeks for the HSC first-year students are published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE).

Students must prepare the assignment answer by using their textbooks. Each assignment is focused on a specific chapter. The student should follow the chapter properly and answer all the questions by using their reasoning capabilities. Teachers will evaluate each assignment by using a Rubrics assessment. They will give the numbers according to the standard of the answer script. Each assignment is based on specific criteria. According to different subjects students need to follow the guidelines given by their course teacher.

1st Week HSC 2024 12th Week HSC 2024
2nd Week HSC 2024 13th Week HSC 2024
3rd Week HSC 2024 14th Week HSC 2024
4th Week HSC 2024 15th Week HSC 2024
5th Week HSC 2024 16th Week HSC 2024
6th Week HSC 2024 17th Week HSC 2024
7th Week HSC 2024 18th Week HSC 2024
8th Week HSC 2024 19th Week HSC 2024
9th Week HSC 2024 20th Week HSC 2024
10th Week HSC 2024 21st Week HSC 2024
11th Week HSC 2024 22nd Week HSC 2024

HSC Assignment 2021 (HSC 2nd Year)

Students of HSC 2nd year have to submit assignments answers. There are assignments on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks. HSC candidates have different subjects according to their group. There are three compulsory subjects in each group. These are Science, Humanities and Business Studies.

All the assignment of 2024 has already been published in the education board website There are seven compulsory subjects and group-based subject for each assignment.

1st Week HSC 2021 12th Week HSC 2021
2nd Week HSC 2021 13th Week HSC 2021
3rd Week HSC 2021 14th Week HSC 2021
4th Week HSC 2021 15th Week HSC 2021
5th Week HSC 2021 16th Week HSC 2021
6th Week HSC 2021 17th Week HSC 2021
7th Week HSC 2021 18th Week HSC 2021
8th Week HSC 2021 19th Week HSC 2021
9th Week HSC 2021 20th Week HSC 2021
10th Week HSC 2021 21st Week HSC 2021
11th Week HSC 2021 22nd Week HSC 2021

Final Word

The notice regarding the assignment 2024 submission was published on 11th August 2024. You will get the assignment submission notice every week. Students can download the PDF file for the assignment questions. Here we will provide you with the answers. Hope this article helps students to solve all the assignments accurately.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.