Class 9 Assignment 20th Week

20th week assignment for class 9 students is also mandatory for all students. The assignment topic will be from different topics for different background students. The subjects of class 9 assignments are English, Biology, Finance & Banking, and Civics & Citizenship. All the details of the assignment topic are mentioned below.

Class 9 20th week Assignment 2021

Institutional activities have been closed in Bangladesh for a long time. In this situation, assignment activities have been started to keep the students connected with education. Through this the Class Eight syllabus will be completed. Students are being given two assignments every week. Students are writing their answers and submitting them to their respective schools. Already 16 assignments have been published for Class 9 students. Assignments will continue to be published every week.

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20th Week Assignment Class 9 Answer

Class 9 20th week assignment 2024 has been published on 21 September 2024. This week’s assignment activities will start from 22 September. It will continue for a week. The 20th week assignment will be published at the end of the 20th week assignment.

Class 9 Assignment 20th Week English Answer

The English assignment for students of class 9 in the 20th week will be from the original English textbook. You will easily be able to solve all the problems if you follow this specific chapter to complete your English assignment. Here, you will get all our guidelines in the link below.

Lesson no and Title : Here is the beginning of a story. Complete the unfinished story in about 200 words: Abir is a violin learner. His brother, Dhrubo, is a violin master. Abir learns how to play the Instrument from him. Some other learners are Mousumi, Tamanna, Ridoy and Akash. They all are good friends. The group plans to go for a stage performance. One day.


  • Topic/Title
  • Introduction
  • Body/Description: (para or para title may vary assignment to assignment)
  • Conclusion

Instruction: Students will have to follow the steps of writing a letter.

Class 9 Assignment 20th Week Biology Answer

Biology assignment for class 9 students in the 20th week will be also from the original textbook. You can also solve all the problems in this assignment if you follow the chapter properly. If you click on the link given here, you will get more details about your assignment.

Class Nine 20th Week Science Group Physics Subject Assignment Answer 2021

Class 9 Assignment 20th Week Finance Answer

Finance & Banking assignment topics will be from the original textbook. As like as all other assignment topics, you can also complete this assignment by following the whole chapter perfectly. However, we have also provided useful details of the assignment in the link here on our website.

20th Week Class 9 Finance Assignment Answer PDF download


Class 9 Assignment 20th Week Civics Answer

Students will get Civics & Citizenship assignment from the instructed chapter in the main book and all the topics can be solved from this chapter as well. So follow this chapter to complete the assignment. To get more details, you have to click on the link here.

Class 9 20th week Civics Assignment 2024 Answer Bellow

Guidelines for Class 9 English 20th week Assignment Answer 2021

  1. It is preferable to use A4 size pages for assignments.
  2. On the cover page, write the name of the school, the name of the assignment subject, Class, group, roll number, subject, date, and so on.
  3. Each subject’s assignment book should be prepared in the same manner.
  4. Red ink pens should not be used to write assignment responses.
  5. The assignment must be written in a beautiful and clean manner.
  6. Assignment answers must be prepared using your own acquired knowledge in order for your learning results to be reflected.
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