Class 7 Assignment English

English assignment tasks for students of class 7 will be from the original English textbook. Students will need to complete assignment topics on specified chapter. Going through the textbook properly, you will be able to finish your assignment on your own. You can also click on the link given here to get your assignment details.

Assignment : Read the letter of unit-4, lesson-8, section-A (Pages 38 and 39). Now write a letter to your close friend mentioning
1. What you have learnt from this letter.
2. How morality shop can help your school and community
3. Its usefulness to develop your morality.

Instruction : Teachers will check students’ assignment following the assessment rubrics.

 Assignment 20th Week Class 7 English Answer


Dhonia, Dhaka


Dear Tamim,

Hope you are well. I am also well. Today I am explaining to you an amazing idea that I read in our book “English For Today” Yes, I am telling you about a shop without any shopkeeper. It is a shop named morality shop. All the students of our school purchase many things from there and put the price of their purchased think in the cash box. From here everyone takes a lesson of morality. We are going to open the same kind of shop in our school. Write me a reply soon with the feeling about this idea. Give me Salam to your parents. No more today.

Your friend



The morality Shop gives us a great lesson. Because in our life honesty and integrity is the only thing that can grow us successfully. A proverb said that” Honesty is the best policy”. So I can practically become honesty by using a moral learn shop. And for our community, it is helpful too. Because honesty is needed for all classes of people.


The usefulness of a moral shop to develop my morality. I am only 14. Don’t know right or wrong properly till now. So from the beginning of my life. If I can learn about morality from a shop that should be amazing for me. So no doubt It is more useful to me to develop my morality.

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