The tortoise and the hare

Write (in English) about a Bangla or English short story that you have read. Topic & Learning outcome Unit -13 (Food Adulteration) A learner will be able to.

  • write a short summary of the story
  • write his personal opinion about a short story
  • write creative statement about a story
  • use vocabulary suitable to comment on a story

HSC and Alim students are doing their assigned assignment on different subjects. Here is the detail of the English assignment answer for 2nd Week. This is about writing short story. One of my most favorite short stories is “The tortoise and the hare” by Aesop. It is a story I read when I was a kid. It is still very impactful in my life. It is a story where I get to learn the most fundamental virtue for success, patience. This is a prime story for teaching young minds to be persistent and patient in their life. This story is so great that it coined the proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”.

HSC English assignment answer

Steps / instructions/scope

  • Choose a short story that you enjoyed reading (either in Bangla or in English)
  • Write within 200-250 words
  • Write the summary of the story (Focus on plot, characters in 5 to 8 sentences)
  • Write what you liked and did not like about the story
  • If you are asked to bring some changes in the story, what would you change.
  • A concluding statement

HSC and Alim English assignment Answer 2nd Week

A tortoise was mocked by a hare for moving so slowly. Tired of the hare’s complaints about how slow he was on his feet, the tortoise eventually challenged the hare to a race. ‘I’ll race you, hare, and I bet I’ll win,’ he declared. The hare accepted the challenge, and a fox was chosen to establish the race’s course and determine who won at the end.

When the race began, the hare bolted to the front and made quick progress. He decided he could afford to stop and rest because he was so far ahead of the tortoise. The tortoise was so far behind that it couldn’t hurt to take a break! The hare, on the other hand, fell fast asleep, while the tortoise continued to plod along at his sluggish pace.

He eventually made it to the finish line and won the race. When the hare awoke, he was irritated with himself for sleeping. So he ran as fast as his legs could take him to the finish line, but it was too late; the tortoise had already won.

The story of the hare and the tortoise is no different, as Aesop’s fables are noted for having a clear moral. Slow and steady wins the race, as this story’s moral has become proverbial. But this is far from the only moral lesson to be gleaned from the story. True, a possible interpretation of the story’s moral is “slow and steady wins the race,” and this aligns with other proverbs such as “greater haste, less speed.”


After all, it isn’t the hare’s haste that leads to his demise; if it was, he would have tripped over himself in his desire to race ahead and win, or else come a-cropper in some other way as a direct result of his speediness. Instead, it’s when he slows down as a result of having taken such a commanding lead that he undoes all of his hard work and ends up nodding off.

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