Train Ticket Online

Get all the updates regarding the train ticket online service of Bangladesh railway from this article. When you desire to travel by train, the first step is to buy tickets. But purchasing tickets online is growing more popular in today’s age of information technology.

Still, many of us have several queries starting from registration to the processes of buying the train ticket from the website. To think about this, we have decorated our comprehensive article. Here you will get all the details related online ticketing system. So, don’t miss a single word here.

Train Ticket Online

When there is the fact about a long journey, nothing is more popular than Bangladesh railway transportation. In the motto of fluently performing this service across the country, Bangladesh Government has launched the online ticketing system so far ago. Besides these, passengers can buy tickets from the ticket counter as well.

আগামিকাল ৭ তারিখ সকাল ৮টা হতে শুরু হবে রেলের অনলাইনে ঈদের টিকিট দেয়া। আগামিকাল দেয়া হবে ১৭ তারিখের টিকিট। ৮ তারিখ দেয়া হবে ১৮ তারিখের।

But recently, the Ministry of Railway has issued an announcement to register and buy tickets online. As per the notification of the resumption of online ticketing, the complete process will be done through shohoz from March 26. Now it is important to learn about how to know register and purchase tickets under this service. Go through our full discussion to learn in detail.

Eticket Railway GOV BD Registration

According to the e-Ticketing System of Bangladesh Railway, one can purchase the rail ticket from the official website of the railway service Bangladesh. As per the announcement, all the ticket is available from 26th March on this web portal.

But for this, you have to complete the registration process on this website. If you are wondering about the effective procedures to complete the preregistration processes, go through our below-assigned process:

  • First of all, visit the website
  • Find out the “Registration” option from the bottom of the website. Click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the new page called ‘Create an Account’.
  • You will see several boxes, where you have to enter your ‘Personal Information.’
  • Properly fill out each of the asking information.
  • After completing, fill in the security code by following the given security code displayed next to the cel
  • Finally, click on the register button.
  • If all information goes correctly, it will redirect you to the new window called ‘Registration Successful’.
  • Right after then, you will get a mail from the e-ticketing system.
  • Read the mail and click on the ‘Click’ link inside the mail,
  • After doing this, the registration will complete, and now you can log in there.

Train E Ticket Registration

After purchasing the ticket, the next step is logging into the website of the Bangladesh railway. If you want to purchase the ticket online, you have to go through successful login procedures.

Visit the link Then, you have to enter your e-mail address, password here. Now enter the security code and click on the “Log In” button. It will direct you to your login panel.

How to Purchase Train Ticket Online

Railways ticket booking is now easier, and passengers can buy it from the official web portal. It has lessened the train ticket booking from the railway station ticket counter. Now, the ticket is available online.

But many of us have a query about the process for purchasing the ticket. For their convenience, we have included the complete guide to book and buy the train ticket online. Here you go:

  • First, visit the website
  • You have not logged in yet, log in here by your email address and password.
  • Once you log in to your login panel, click on “Purchase” to buy the ticket.
  • Now fill out all necessary information carefully. First, select your journey date.
  • Then, enter the starting station and destination station.
  • Also, include the class of the train and the number of seats that you desire to book.
  • Then, you will find all the details about the train and the availability of the seats.
  • Here, you may select the seats manually.
  • If you find your seat available there, just click on the “Purchase Ticket.”
  • After selecting the train and seat, it is time to complete the payment to confirm the booking.
  • You can buy tickets via Visa card, MasterCard, Rocket, Nexus Card, and BRAC Bank Account.
  • When you complete the payment, Bangladesh Railway will send you an online copy to your email address.
  • Then, you will have to collect the ticket’s original copy from the departure stations. You have to bring and show the photo and ID card to collect the printed ticket.


Online Train Ticket App

Apart from the websites, many of us prefer an application for any service. In the case of train ticket booking, there also have the same facility. ‘Rail Sheba” is such a popular application that is used regarding this service. It makes easier of online ticket booking.

Like the website of railway gov Bd, it has two-part as well. The first step is registration, and the other one is login in and purchasing the tickets. For registration and logging, all the processes are the same as the website. So, if you want, download and install the app from the Google play store.

Wrapping Thoughts

Hopefully, now you can register and purchase the train ticket online by following above all guidance. Still, if you have any questions regarding this article, don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, keep connected with our website to get all updates.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.