T20 World Cup Fixture

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 is scheduled to be the seventh ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament which will take place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman from 17 October to 14 November 2021. ICC T20 World Cup 2021 features a total of 42 matches. In Round 1 twelve matches will be played between eight teams (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Namibia, Oman and Papua New Guinea) from which four teams will progress to the Super 12s.

The main final will be on November 14, 2021. Above all, you can see the full schedule of your country below and follow the live cricket action.

With 2.5 billion lovers all over the world, Cricket is the second most-watched sport on the globe. Cricket is famed in a large part of the planet because of the British and East India Company. Nowadays, Cricket is treated as a religion in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and cricket zealots love to sit in front of the television screens to cherish their favorite teams.

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ICC Cricket T20 World Cup Fixture

Follow the below schedule to set a reminder for watching every moment of the game.

Date and TimeVenue Teams
Oct 17 (4:00PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanOmanPapua New Guinea
Oct 17 (8:00 PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanBangladeshScotland
Oct 18 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumIrelandNetherlands
Oct 18 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumSri LankaNamibia
Oct 19 (4:00 PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanScotlandPapua New Guinea
Oct 19 (8:00 PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanOmanBangladesh
Oct 20 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumNamibiaNetherlands
Oct 20 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumSri LankaIreland
Oct 21 (4:00 PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanBangladeshPapua New Guinea
Oct 21 (8:00 PM)Al Amerat Cricket Ground Oman Cricket (Ministry Turf 1), OmanOmanScotland
Oct 22 (4:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumNamibiaIreland
Oct 22 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSri LankaNetherlands
Oct 23 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumAustraliaSouth Africa
Oct 23 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumEnglandWest Indies
Oct 24 (4:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumTBDTBD
Oct 24 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumIndiaPakistan
Oct 25 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumAfghanistanTBD
Oct 26 (4:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumSouth AfricaWest Indies
Oct 26 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumPakistanNew Zealand
Oct 27 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumEnglandTBD
Oct 27 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumTBDTBD
Oct 28 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumAustraliaTBD
Oct 29 (4:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumWest IndiesTBD
Oct 29 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumAfghanistanPakistan
Oct 30 (4:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSouth AfricaTBD
Oct 30 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumEnglandAustralia
Oct 31 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumAfghanistanTBD
Oct 31 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumIndiaNew Zealand
Nov 1 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumEnglandTBD
Nov 2 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumSouth AfricaTBD
Nov 2 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumPakistanTBD
Nov 3 (4:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumNew ZealandTBD
Nov 3 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumIndiaAfghanistan
Nov 4 (4:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumAustraliaTBD
Nov 4 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumWest IndiesTBD
Nov 5 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumNew ZealandTBD
Nov 5 (8:00 PM)Sharjah Cricket StadiumIndiaTBD
Nov 6 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumAustraliaWest Indies
Nov 6 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumEnglandSouth Africa
Nov 7 (4:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumNew ZealandAfghanistan
Nov 7 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumPakistanTBD
Nov 8 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumIndiaTBD
Nov 10 (8:00 PM)Sheikh Zayed StadiumTBDTBD
Nov 11 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumTBDTBD
Nov 14 (8:00 PM)Dubai International StadiumTBDTBD

How to Watch T20 World Cup 2021 Live?

If you’re living in the Indian subcontinent, you’ll not need to worry about missing any game. You can watch T20 World Cup 2021 live on Star Sports. They are the official broadcasting partner of the event.

Also, you should ask your cable operator to ensure providing all Star Sports channels as there are 17 channels and you will need to stream the HD ones.

T20 World Cup 2021 schedule

T20 World Cup Live Streaming Link

A few people may remain on traveling or on the go. This is the time you’ll have to find a streaming link.

Disney+ Hotstar is a mobile application where you can stream different channels including Star Sports. And, here’s your option to stream the t20 world cup from anywhere. You may need to subscribe to the application to get full service.

There are other applications and live websites to provide live scores. ESPN has its own website and application for streaming live scores. Several YouTube channels also stream scores.

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