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Are you looking for the answers to the questions for the assignment of class 7 from unit 1? Ever since schools were closed due to the pandemic, teachers began assigning homework to students so that they could be assessed for their efforts. This is one of the assignments for which you will earn marks and grades.

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For this assignment, you are asked to suppose a stranger is asking you the directions to your school. Don’t panic if you’re having trouble coming up with proper dialogues or if you’re unsure about your vocabulary. With the answers we’ve given, you can still get good grades on this assignment. By now, you should have a good idea of the questions you’ll need to answer. The Class 7 Assignment answers to the questions are listed below.

Assignment of Class 7 English 2nd Week

Suppose stranger talks with you and he does not know where your school is. The person asks you to give direction. You both are standing in front of your home. Now draw a map of the way to your school from home and make a dialogue with direction to your school.

Class 7 English Assignment Answer

Answer to Question

For the 2nd week assignment, you are asked to write a dialogue between yourself and a stranger. The stranger is asking for directions to your school. You will also have to draw a map and use the following words when describing the way: Cross-road, left turn, right turn, u-turn and go straight.

This assignment will test your ability to give clear instructions, especially when dealing with people you don’t know. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will surely secure good marks on this assignment. Also, be sure to not make any spelling mistakes for full marks. Without further ado, the answer to this week’s assignment is given below in dialogue form.

Stranger: Excuse me, do you have a moment?

Me: Hello. Yes, what do you need?


Stranger: I need some assistance. Do you go to x school?

Me: Yes, I do. How can I help you?


Stranger: I am trying to go to school, but I am lost. Can you help me by telling me the directions to go to the school from here?

Me: Of course. The school is not too far away from here. From here, you must follow this road and go straight and then make a left turn. And then you will find a cross-road.


Stranger: And after I reach the cross-road, where should I go?

Me: You should then take a right turn and keep going in that direction. If you come across a lake, you will know you have gone too far. Make a U-turn and start looking for school again.


Stranger: All right, thank you so much for your help. You explained it very clearly. I will be on my way then.

Me: You are welcome. It was not a problem at all.

This is the response to your assignment’s questions. Feel free to make any necessary adjustments to the responses, or simply use them as a starting point for writing about your own experiences. If you want, you can use the directions from your home to your school. You will almost definitely earn good grades if you avoid spelling errors and pay careful attention to your grammar. We wish you all the best with this assignment!

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