SSC Exam AutoPass

Many of you are curious to know whether or not the authority is going to offer SSC exam autopass 2024. We all already know that SSC candidates last year got the auto pass. Since the condition of the country is unstable due to the coronavirus pandemic, the education sector is mostly impacted negatively.

For the current circumstances, students, as well as the guardians, are willing to know about the news of the SSC exam autopass this year too. In this article, we are going to talk about everything about the matter.

SSC AutoPass 2024 news

Current Condition of the Education Sector All Over the Country

We all are aware that all the educational institutions across the country are closed. There are almost 23 lakh SSC candidates on 11 education boards. They are not getting proper teaching because of the lockdown in the educational activities. They are not even getting home tuition from their home tutors due to the transportation barriers.

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Though the online classes are running and home assignment tasks are being offered by the authority, they are not sufficient for the students how to get well prepared for the SSC exam 2024. As a result, students and their parents are thinking about the SSC exam autopass.

SSC Exam AutoPass 2021

The education ministry and the higher authority of the education sector decided to announce the SSC exam autopass in 2024. This is because there was no scope to take the SSC exam. So the authority was bounded to offer autopass for all the students in the academic year 2024. Last year, the SSC result was prepared based on the special thinking by the authority.

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Is It SSC Exam AutoPass in 2021?

A few days ago the education ministry and the higher authority has announced that all the schools will be opened on the 23rd of May 2024 and all the colleges and universities will be opened on the 24th of May 2024. But nothing to worry about is that the coronavirus situation is still not now in control.

As a result, the lockdown situation may continue for more days. And if it exceeds the above-mentioned deadlines to open the school and colleges, the authority may think of SSC exam autopass again.

Recently we got news from the higher authority that if the schools and colleges remain open in this situation, the classes will be continued for 60 days and the exam will end within later 15 days. Keeping it in mind to take the SSC exam this year, the education ministry has already published the short syllabus. And the SSC exam will be based on that short syllabus. There may not be the SSC exam autopass again this year.

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In this article, we have explained all the aspects of whether or not the authority is going to offer the SSC exam autopass. We hope that you have got your desired answer after reading this write-up. So in this situation, all of you should act smartly and take steps accordingly. We also hope that all the confusion regarding the SSC exam 2024 will be cleared shortly.

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