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SSC English Assignment 2024 | Class 10 English 2nd Week Assignment 2024. SSC English 1st paper Assignment Answer 2024 from your original textbook English For Today we have given. The DSHE has circulated its 2nd week assignment for SSC students. In the 1st phase of the assignment, the students have to complete the write up from English textbook. This time, the assignment have to be written from unit 1 from our SSC English book.

The answer to the Class 10 English 1st paper assignment has been published on our website today in the form of pictures and PDFs. So you download the Class 10 English assignment and complete your assignment. Because on 24 June 2021, the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education issued a notice to complete the Class 10 English assignment.

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This post is intended for students who do not know the answers to the Class 10 Assignment questions. Because in our post you can see the questions and answers of Class 10 English assignment. So read our post carefully.

SSC English Assignment 2024

The SSC English subject assignment for the 2nd week has ended on the previous week. Now, the directorate of secondary and higher education has published English assignment for SSC on June 24, 2024. The students who are searching for the SSC all subject assignment can read our this post. Because, it is the post where a student will get his or her SSC English assignment answer and solution for all subject.

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Class 10 English Assignment 2021

The Secondary and Higher Education doctorate (DSHE) has assigned the Class 10 English Assignment 2024 to continue educational activities in Class Ten. Through this class ten English assignment 2021, the merit of the students will be assessed for the English subject. So it is very important for the students to solve the Class 10 English assignment 2024 2nd week question. Also, they have to answer correctly the class 10 English assignment 2 week solution 2024. Therefore, Class Ten students should pay close attention to solve the class 10 English assignment 2024 answer.

SSC English 2nd week Assignment 2024 Answer

Do you need answers of Class 10 English 2nd week questions? We have answered all the questions of SSC English Assignment for 1st week. This Ingregi solution of the First week will be very useful for the students of class Eight. So read the full post to get English solution for 2nd week of 10th Class.

Assignment Number: Paper 1, Assignment 1, Total Marks = 15, Assignment: This assignment is based on Unit 3 from EFT.

Justify the statement – Festivals are for everyone.

Learning Outcomes: Talk about events and festivals

Instructions: Learners will write an easy here. In writing the assignment, answer the following questions.

  • What are the most common events and festivals in Bangladesh?
  • Narrate your own experience to take part in some events and festivals in your locality.
  • How do these events and festivals shape you and your nation?

Rubrics/Scoring Criteria:

Teacher will assess the student’s work from using the following lenses and pick a mark that goes with the assignment from each category. Then s/he will calculate the marks of individual category for total marks.

Introducing common events and festivals of own locality:

4 – Learner introduces varied events and festivals of different groups and give short description of them,

2 – Learner introduces events and festivals but the description is very limited,

0 – Learner does not answer this part.

Personal experience:

  1. Learner narrates own experience of attending some events and festivals.
  2. Learner narrates own experience of attending an event and a festival I Learner narrates own experience of attending either an event or a festival
  3. learner does not answer this part.

In this writing task, teacher will check students’ language that they will use to connect their imagination with the content, ability to answer to the point, spelling, grammar, Punctuation.

Class 10 English Assignment 2024

The 2nd week English subject syllabus is available at the official website for download of SSC. In the syllabus you have to follow only two units- Unit 1. The second week Class 10 English 1st part assignment has one assigned task for the students. The first homework is from unit 1 lesson varies from your English for Today NCTB main book. Moreover, another SSC 2nd week assignment includes the unit 1 answer.

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Therefore, to know the homework and question of the 2nd week assignment, you have first download the English assignment SSC 2nd week syllabus. From where you can and how you can download the SSC English second week assignment and answer is very hard thing to catch. That is why we would like to urge our beloved students to make the assignment syllabus download very flexibly from 2024 syllabus section.

SSC English Assignment Answer 2021

The latest addition for the SSC high school students is the answer for 2nd week assingment. The DSHE official has released its First week syllabus of Class 10 on Thursday last. That is why you have to collect the latest version of assignment for your English subject. Then, you have to make answer for it. At present, we are now busy with the SSC English 1st paper assignment you have been searching at several places.

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