SSC 2024 Civics Assignment

SSC 2024 Civics Assignment Answer 5th Week published Today. Dear Examiner Friends of SSC 2024 Humanities Department, The SSC 2024 Civics and Good Governance 5th Week Assignment Answer is prepared for you. Those of you who are candidates for SSC 2024 in government and private colleges were given a definite assignment in the first paper of the 5th Week of Assignment Politics and Good Governance. Following the proper evaluation instructions, the selected sample answers of the first letter of Politics and Good Governance for you were answered.

SSC 2024 Civics and Good Governance Assignment

SSC 2024 Civics 5th Week Assignment Answer, The first place in the subject of politics and citizenship of the 2024 SSC candidates of the humanities department, which has been selected on the subject of politics and citizenship as an elective subject, has been determined from the introduction of politics and good governance in the first chapter of the textbook. SSC 2024 Civics and Good Governance 5th Week Assignment Answer.

In the light of the short syllabus, the students will be able to describe the concept of civics and the evolution of civics and good governance while completing the first assignment of the prescribed subject of SSC 2024 Civics and Good Governance 5th Week Assignment Answer.

SSC 5th Civics Assignment Answer 2024

In the second week, the students of the humanities department who have participated in the SSC examination of 2024 have been given one assignment each from the subject of history and world civilization and geography and environment of Bangladesh and those who have chosen politics and citizenship as elective subjects.

অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট: আদর্শ পরিবার ও সমাজ গঠন এবং আধুনিক রাষ্ট্র ও সরকার বিনির্মাণে তুমি কিভাবে পৌরনীতি ও নাগরিকতার জ্ঞান প্রয়োগ করবে

নির্দেশনা (সংকেত/ধাপ/পরিধি)

প্রথম অধ্যায়ঃ পৌরনীতি ও নাগরিকতা
১। পৌরনীতি ও নাগরিকতা
৩। সমাজ
৪। রাষ্ট্র
৫। সরকার

SSC 2024 Civics Assignment Answer PDF

Students have to follow the prescribed health rules for the SSC candidates in the humanities department and collect the prescribed subjects from the educational institution for the second week of the 2024 assignment from the educational institution or online and submit the relevant subjects to the teacher after completing the prescribed rules.

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