Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Result

Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Result Publish 10 April. Silco Pharmaceuticals IPO lottery Result draw on April 10 at the engineering institute of the capital. The company will utilize the IPO proceeds to purchase capital machinery, delivery vans, and bear IPO expenses.

Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited, the primary public offering (IPO) money withdrawal ended on Tuesday. However, how much application or how much application has been filed against the company’s fixed 30 crore taka has not yet been published.

Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Result

According to the audited financial reports for the year ended on June 30, 2014, the company’s share capital net asset value (NAVPS) is 27 taka five paisa. The average annual profit of 5 years of shares is 1 taka 46 paisa. The drug company will issue 30 million ordinary shares at the face value of 10 rupees. The number of shares per lot will be 500. Through this, they will collect 30 crore taka from the market.

Silco Pharma Subscription Info:

  • Subscription Open: March 07, 2021
  • Subscription Close (Cut-off Date): March 19, 2021

48.22 percent of the money collected through the IPO or 14 crore 46 lakh 55 thousand rupees will be spent on the company’s new factory building. Apart from that, 32.45 percent of the cost of the equipment or 9 crore 73 lakh 56 thousand, 12 percent 10 percent of the delivery van or 3 crore 63 lakhs 10 thousand and the cost of the IPO will be 7.33 percent or 2 crore 16 lakh 78 thousand taka.

The authorized capital of the company is Tk 105 crore Pre-IPO paid-up capital of Tk 64.37 million After collecting Tk 30 crore via IPO, the paid up capital of the company will stand at Tk 94.17 million.

Silco Pharma LTD IPO Summary

  • Authorized Capital:- Tk. 1,050,000,000
  • Pre-IPO paid-up Capital:- Tk. 643,700,000
  • IPO size in shares:- 30,000,000
  • IPO size in Tk. at face value:- Tk. 300,000,000
  • IPO size in Tk. at offer price:- Tk. 300,000,000
  • Post IPO Paid-up Capital:- Tk. 943,700,000
  • Face Value per share:- Tk. 10.00
  • Offer Price per share:- 10.00
  • Market Lot (Shares):- 500
  • NAV per share:- Tk. 27.05 as on June 30, 2024
  • Earnings per Share (EPS): – Tk. 1.64 for the period ended on June 30, 2024

It is to be noted that EBL Investments Limited, Citizen Securities and Investment Limited and City Bank Capital Resources Limited are also in the issue management.

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Pharmaceuticals  limited  has  engaged  in  manufacturing and   marketing   of   pharmaceuticals   finished   product   in   the categories of Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti diabetics, Narcotics, Antipyretics,  Anti  Inflammatory  Drugs,  Antiulcer  ants,  Multi medicines which are sold in local market. It has set up a modern pharmaceutical   plant   that   is   equipped   with   advanced   and modern machineries and technologies.

Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited Address

Corporate Office

41, Nurani, Bankalapara, Subid Bazar, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

Factory Office

BSCIC Industrial Estate, Khadimnagor, Sylhet-3103, Bangladesh


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