Schoolbag Weight Limit

Schoolbag Weight Limits fixed by Indian State. Indian state is ordering to carry less weight schoolbag. To Set Schoolbag Losing Weight by Indian State. Children are struggling under the weight of an oversized schoolbag that is a common scene over the world.

School Bag Weight Limits INDIA

But one Indian state has planned to ensure kids lighten their load and ordered parents now. Maharashtra government in the west of India has passed a resolution saying child must not carry a school backpack that go over 10 percent of their weight.

This is harmful. It causes back and joint problems as well as low energy and stress. These badly involve to well being of the child. For higher education places, give strong competition in India, children frequently feel under huge pressure to perform well at school with extra materials for tuition at evening. For this, habitually they are adding extra weight to carry their bags.

5 years old children are being asked to explode their school bag on weighing scales in grade one. And it will be when they arrive for class then teachers can check that they don’t exceed 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs. 12 years old students’ limitation to carrying 4.2 kg scales in grade eight.

Indian State Sets Schoolbag Weight Limits

The state government proposes to avoid lasting injury in resolution agreed earlier this week. Local education secretary Mr Nand Kumar said that we have found bags those weigh 20 percent to 30 percent owing to wide textbooks, notebooks & unredressd stationery and also cosmetics. But the bags must be ten percent of the child’s body weight as a rule of thumb.

The governing said teachers should tumble homework & timetables. So children don’t need to carry numerous textbooks to school every day and also asked parents to ensure it children do not pack unnecessary items. This order do not mentioned any punishment to abuse the weight restriction.

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