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5th Week Class 9 English Assignment Answer

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“Pastime may change generation to generation. Take an interview with your parents or grandparents or elderly people in your family. Know about their pastime activities and take notes on them. Also, think about the pastime activities of your generation. Write the differences and mention why these differences have taken place.”

The unit for the question for this assignment is unit 2. The lessons you will need to study are:

  • Lesson 1: Have You any Favorite Pastime?
  • Lesson 2: Reading Really Helps!
  • Lesson 3: Change in Pastime Lesson
  • Lesson 4: Change in Pastimes in Bangladesh Lesson
  • Lesson 5: Pastimes Vary

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After taking an interview with my grandparents, I have noticed that popular pastimes have changed. My grandparents answered their favorite pastimes were playing sports such as cricket or football outdoors, meeting with their friends, etc. Whereas pastime activities of my generation are watching TV, spending time on social media or playing computer games, etc.

This has been aided by technological advancements. Due to the number of open fields in the region, there was a time when playing in the fields was quite popular. These activities can no longer be seen. Children cities and urban areas are using computers increasingly more for their pastimes which include social networking, video games, and other digital entertainment for their pastimes.

Our way of life has changed as a result of urbanization, the availability of satellite television, the availability of power in more households, the availability of computers, and people’s reliance on technology. These are the reasons why pastimes have evolved.

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