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NU Exam Postponed Notice 2024 – NU Exam News 2024. The National University has suspended all examinations until further notice. Badruzzaman, the examination controller of the National University, gave this information on Monday (February 22) night.

All examinations of National University (NU) have been postponed. The authorities published this news related to NU exam postponed on February 22nd. All exams have been postponed until May 31st, 2024. It is not just NU that is being affected by this decision. The decision to postpone exams for all universities in the country may apply equally to all universities.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Minister of Education said in a press briefing on higher education. Dipu Moni has informed that all the examinations of the National University have been stopped. The National University then announced the decision at night.

NU Exam Postponed Notice 2021

The Education Minister said in a press briefing at noon, “Direct teaching of the university will start on May 24 and the hall will be opened on May 16. There will be no test till May 24. The decision regarding the examinations of all the universities of the country will be equally applicable to all the universities. ‘

The Education Minister, Dipu Moni, announced that all the National University exams have to be stopped, at a press conference on higher education. At night, the National University then declared the decision to postpone their exams. Up to this point, we know that the NU exam postponed. Keep reading to find out more about this postponement.

Responding to a question from reporters about the ongoing and schedule of examinations at the National University, the Education Minister said, “The decision taken on the examinations is equally applicable to all the universities in the country.” This means that no one will take any test before May 24. ‘

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Incidentally, the final examination of the Masters final examination of the National University and the final examination of the Honors fourth year of seven colleges affiliated to the Dhaka University were underway.

Which NU Exam Postponed Today?

All exams have been postponed until May 31st, 2024. The exams were postponed because the ministry of education plans to reopen universities on May 24th, 2024. Therefore, they have decided not to take any exams until then. By all exams, we mean exams including Honours exam, Degree exam, Masters exam, and Professional exam.

The 2024 second year degree pass and certification course exam under the National University began simultaneously across the nation from 13 February. The test was to continue until March 23. And the 2024 Honors 4th year test began last January 17th.

These tests have now been postponed. The exam postponement date of the honours 4th year exam starts from 16th March, 2021and will continue until 31st March 2024. Students will have to wait for the university authorities to publish a new exam routine.

Besides, the second year degree pass and certificate course examination of 2024 under the National University started simultaneously from 13th February all over the country. The test was to continue till March 23. And the Honors 4th year examination 2024 started from last 17th January.

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Though there is an unexpected interruption happening to the NU Masters & degree examinations around the country, we hope each and every student still will do better in their exam.

NU Exam Notice

The NU exam postponed notice was released on the official website of the National University on March 16, 2024. You can go to the website of NU by clicking on the link shown here. The NU exam postponed notice states that all classes and exams are postponed for all students until 31 March by the National University. If you want to see the notice of the NU exam postponed, you can find the notice below.

The news that the NU exam postponed may be a blessing or a curse for the students. Students can now take longer to prepare for the exams, but now it will take even longer for them to pass when a lot of educational activities have already been delayed. No matter what, we will publish the new routine of NU exams as soon as they are released. So, keep an eye on our website!

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