Nialco Alloys IPO Result

After getting the green signal from Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), the initial public offering of Nialco Alloys started on May 16, 2021, to May 20, 2024. On the 70th commission meeting of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, Nialco Alloy has got permission. The issue manager of the company is MTB Capital. The Nialco Alloys IPO result will be on its official website soon.

Nialco Alloys Limited IPO Prospectus

On April 29, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) sent a consent letter to Nialco Alloys and its issue manager MTB Capital Limited. However, the approval was given earlier on the 70th meeting of BSEC. Nialco Alloys makes nickel aluminum copper, and BSEC has permitted Nialco Alloys to raise TK 7.5 crore by issuing 75 lakh shares at a price of TK 10.

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Through a Qualified Investor Offer, the company will raise the amount of money from the eligible investors. Nialco Alloys is going to spend the money on land development, purchase of equipment, and IPO costs. Read more about Nialco Alloys IPO result in below sections.

Nialco Alloys IPO Subscription Summary

Nialco Alloys Limited began an initial public offering from May 16 to May 20 in 2024. Through a Qualified Investor process, they will raise the money from the eligible investors, mainly small capital platforms of local stock exchanges. Nialco Alloys has offered 7.5 million shares at an offer of TK 10 each using the fixed price method.

Nialco Alloys will spend TK 4.86 crore on purchasing equipment and TK 2.5 crore on land development. In 2024, they gained TK 20.56 crore as revenue, and the net profit was TK 1.39 crore.

Nialco Alloys IPO Result 2024 Download

Nialco Alloys IPO Result 2024 will be published on last week of June 2024. You will get all PDF file here for easy to download.

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Nialco Alloys manufactures high-grade bronze and Brass ingots. As a raw material, products are usually exported to various countries such as Japan and South Korea. They also claim that they have no such competitors in the country, and they are a 100% export-oriented country.

About Nialco Alloys Limited

Nialco Alloys is recognized as the first company of Bangladesh allowed by BSEC and able to raise funds through Qualified Investor Offer. The company started its journey on June 21, 2011, and it is backed with Korean Technology. The MTB Capital, which is a sister concerned company of Mutual Trust Bank Limited, is the issue manager of Nialco Alloys.

Final Words

Nialco Alloys Limited is highly delighted that they are allowed to work through the QIO (Quality Investor Offer) system. For any further inquiry about Nialco Alloys IPO result, you can visit our website. We regularly publish updates on different IPO results.

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