Functions Of Operating System

The operating system is the interface between computer hardware and the user. It is software to perform the basic control, input, output, managing memories and managing files. It’s software which manages the allocation of the software. To work correctly for the computer, it needs proper coordination. The functions of the operating system are essential and it runs some of the essential tasks which make it impossible for a computer to run the operations without the operating system. The operating system enables the users to execute all of the programs in the most efficient manner.

Some of the operating systems are Windows, Linux and VMS. Operating systems are used in almost all kinds of devices like mobile phones, computers and tv. One of the major functions of operating system is to allows the system to interact with the hardware. The most operating system works to manage the memory, files and accounts. The operating system creates a mutual understanding of the instructions given by the users.

What is an operating system?

The operating system is the software which manages the software resources and hardware to provide the common services for the computer programs. In an operating system, so many different types of applications are installed. Actually, the operating system is called the backbone of the computer. Major functions of operating systems are responsible for the necessary functions of a computer. It starts, shuts down and manages the files in the computer.

Anyone can install an operating system on several hardware platforms. It can be installed from a desktop on computers or mobile phones. You can install an operating system on any hardware platform. Microsoft Windows is one of the popular operating systems for mobile phones.

What are the Functions of the operating system?

File management

The primary function of the operating system is to manage the files of the computer. This task includes an opening, closing and deleting the files. You can assume that the computer is like a project manager. This project manager manages the entire team and facilitates everything for the members for whom the operating system will be responsible. The OS manages the file permissions so that a user can take a specific folder. OS keeps the track of the status of the files.

Process management

It’s the responsibility of the operating system to handle all the processes to run on the computer. Its stops and start the programs properly. While the operating system is working, it ensures that the program will be compatible. It enforces program security. Your computer will be safe from some unwanted attacks. Operating systems can manage all of the processes. There is a specific amount of time given for the execution of the process.

Management of device

The operating system delivers the necessary functions to manage the device which is connected to the computer. It works for output requests and input processing. It can be a mouse, printer or keyboard that you connect. The operating system will deliver each and every specific option which will manage the way your device will behave. The operating system can allocate and deallocate the device. You can keep records of all of the devices which will be attached to the computer.

Memory management

Managing memory is the most critical function of an operating system. It keeps track of the different processes to run on the computer. Even it can keep track of the data that they use. Memory management is so important for a computer which has a limited amount of memory. This function ensures that the operating system can delete the files and make more space. This function can decide to allocate the memory. It can update the status.

Other additional functions of the operating systems are :

  • Keeping records of the information including resources, memories and errors.
  • Keeping a record of the activities of the system
  • Keeping track of the usage of the memory
  • To create a file system to organize the files

The operating system plays an important role to work in a computer. Most of the major functions of operating system make it easier to work easily. The operating system is needed to connect applications to the internet. We have covered everything regarding the Functions of the operating system in this article. Working with all these functions can make it easier to be beneficial for you. Nowadays operating systems are improving and developing.

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