JDS Scholarship Bangladesh

JDS has provided the opportunity for higher education once again to Bangladesh. The great news is that JDS has started accepting applications from just a few days ago. This is a very good chance for anyone to continue their education abroad and earn a valuable Master’s Degree. Many of you are eager to know about information regarding the JDS scholarship. You will get all the necessary details in this article about the scholarship.

What is JDS Scholarship?

Japanese Grant Aid, (JDS) has launched the project for Human Resource Development in many countries around the world. It came to Bangladesh about two decades ago and has provided the students of Bangladesh with many opportunities to go abroad for education. This project has been launched to support the development of human resource in the countries which receive Japanese Grand Aid.

The JDS tries to target the young officials and train and educate them into being the change-makers and leaders of the future. This project offers the 2-years of Masters Degree at Japanese universities. Some are 1-year courses too. From learning policy-making and institutional building for any country’s development, any JDS scholarship recipient is sure to have a very positive experience in his/her studies in Japan.

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The course will be taught in English and the JDS scholarship recipients will receive a special opportunity for learning in the technologically advanced learning environment in Japan. They are taught to be capable and contributing to the welfare in the different sectors of a country. Up to now, 426 Bangladeshis have achieved this scholarship and received their Master’s/Doctoral Fellows degrees.


How to Get the JDS Scholarship?

There are some steps to the application and selection procedures. First, recruitment seminars will be held. You need to do the online registration. You can directly register by going to the page when you will click on this link mentioned here- https://jp.surveymonkey.com/r/JDSBangladesh_OnlineRegistration2024 complete the survey. And you will be sent an email on the email address you will put in the form.

After you will attend the seminar, you will have to give an Academic Aptitude test; the 1st selection will be based on that. If you get selected, there will be health checkups and after that, the second and final selection will be based on Technical Interviews and Comprehensive interviews.

JDS Scholarship Bangladesh Application Form

Important Information of JDS Scholarship

To get some of the main information of JDS scholarship in a short time at a glance, you can have a look at the below points:

  • To be eligible to apply, you need to be a citizen of Bangladesh and below forty (40) years old as of 1 April 2024.
  • Also, you need to complete 16 years of education and at least 2 first divisions/classes.
  • The tentative closing date for filling up the form application is 5:00 pm on 15th October 2024.
  • You will be judged in the Academic and Aptitude Test based on the IELTS score and Math tests.
  • If you apply for Keio University, you don’t have to sit for the Math Test.
  • More of the information is on the JDS Scholarship for Bangladesh Webpage. Click here https://jds-scholarship.org/country/bangladesh/apply.html to go to the website.

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The JDS scholarship provides students with a great opportunity to explore their talents and learn more by getting a master’s or equivalent degree via a scholarship. That’s why it would be great for anyone who wants to apply and want to get this scholarship.

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