HSC Students Covid Vaccine

HSC Students Covid Vaccine registration will start soon.. The Covid-19 pandemic has stopped the world’s most countries over 1.5 years. Bangladesh is not out of it. In fact, Bangladesh is one of the worst sufferers of this pandemic. Nowadays, Bangladesh is going through the 2nd phase of the pandemic. The government of Bangladesh has already started the vaccination program. Before, it was only available for people who are aged 40+. Now, the government is thinking of the HSC Students Covid Vaccine program.

Recently our government has provided announcement for vaccine registration National University students also. It is said that only the proper vaccination program of the mass people can get rid of this deadly coronavirus.

HSC Students Covid Vaccine Registration Start: March 2024

HSC Students Covid Vaccine Registration last date: April 2024

 Covid-19 Vaccine for Bangladesh

  • Covishield
  • Sputnik V
  • Sinopharm
  • Pfizer–BioNTech
  • Sinovac
  • Janssen
  • Moderna
  • Globe Biotech

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HSC Students Covid Vaccine

In Bangladesh, the candidates for HSC and SSC examinations are the worst sufferers among students. They all are confused about when their exam will begin, or they all will be given an auto pass based on their previous board examinations like last year. As the infection rate of Covid-19 is getting high, there is less possibility to open educational institutions. The government has not yet decided when to open the educational institutions, but they have said that they will open all educational institutions after students’ vaccination.

Already university students can register for the covid-19 vaccine and get the 1st dose of it. As almost every HSC student is 18 or 18+ years old, the government is thinking of vaccinating HSC students. Though nothing has yet been decided, they will surely start the HSC Students Covid Vaccine program soon. Keep an eye on our website for all the information on the HSC Students Covid Vaccine program.

HSC Students Covid Vaccine Registration Process

The authority will provided the instructions for HSC students Covid vaccine registration process on the official website. By following the instructions properly, students will be able to register for the vaccination program and will be able to get the vaccine. To get the update about it, please keep your eyes on our website here regularly.

Surokkha Gov bd Vaccine Registration Online

Why HSC Students Covid Vaccine is Important

As most of us already know that Covid-19 is less dangerous for young people than aged people, it is often asked why students’ vaccination programs are necessary. Yes, young people are in less trouble, but people forget that young people can be the media of the spread of this deadly coronavirus. If the government opens all the educational institutions without the vaccination of students, it might be a curse for our family and friends.

The death and infection rate could be more than ever. So, the government is giving top priority to vaccination programs. The vaccines available throughout the world are only for people who are aged 18 or more than 18. Students who are less than 18 cannot take the vaccine right now. As most HSC students are aged 18 or 18+, the government takes needed measures to take HSC students under the vaccination program.


The world has never been in such a helpless situation in the modern era. Bangladesh, a developing country, is also fighting hard against coronavirus. Students are the future of a nation, and the government is aware of it. So, they are giving the vaccine to university students. Now, they are moving forward to provide HSC Students Covid Vaccine.

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