HSC Admission 2014

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 will be published on September, 2014 though none ensures a specific date yet. HSC Result Rescrutiny is a common phenomenon of a year. Every year HSC Exam held, Publish Result and many students find their results faulty. As they think that the result have some wrong information, they apply for Rescrutiny.

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014

Now question is “ Does Rescrutiny work in student’s favor?”, The answer is very easy . Rescrutiny always works in students’ favor. If teacher find that you will get more mark then they add that marks but they never deduct marks from the result that is published even though you get less mark. This is a Board Instruction to The Teachers for Rescrutiny.

Then, You may ask whether Rescrutiny works. I will say yes. As I have seen one of my very close friend got GPA 5 in Chemistry after Rescrutiny . Before Rescrutiny it was only 3.50.

HSC Rechecking result 2014

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Dhaka Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Rajshahi Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Sylhet Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Chittagong Board 

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Barisal Board

 HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Jessore Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Comilla Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Dinajpur Board

HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 Madrasha Education Board

How to apply for HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 ?

If you are Interested to apply for HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 have to apply through SMS.

Firstly Students need TeleTalk SIM to apply HSC Rescrutiny result 2014 Khata Challenge Process.

Then go to your mobile message option and Type: RSC<give space> first 3 letters of your Board name<give space >HSC Roll number <Give space >subject code then send it to 16222 number.

As for example: RSC RAJ 339530 101 and Then send to 16222

For more than one subject, use comma ‘ , ‘ after one subject code

For an example: RSC RAJ 253563 101, 107 Then send it to 16222

After sending message like this, you will receive a feedback message with a PIN number and there will be mentioned how much money you need to apply .For each subject TK 150 will be deducted. As for example, for Bangle 1st paper you need Tk 150 and Bangle 2nd paper need Tk150, and total TK 300 for both. Then you have to send a further message. For this type:

RSC< Give space>YES< Give space>PIN number< Give space>your contact number (any mobile operator)

As for example: RSC YES 12345 0191********

If the PIN number given is 2357. You have to save your PIN number and Tracking number you receive.

You have to do nothing more for HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014. Just Visit our site and stay alert. We will publish HSC Rescrutiny Result 2014 and Alim Recheck Result 2014 when the result will publish.