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HSC English Assignment answer 2024 for 2nd Week has been published. If you are looking for English assignments for XI Class 11, you have come to the right place. Today, through this post, we will present to you all English Syllabus & assignment 2024 PDF. The Ministry of Education has already published the assignment syllabus on their official website for the Second-week assignment of eleven grade and asked them to prepare answers to each syllabus-based question and submit it to the school within one week.

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HSC English Assignment 2021

Are you a eleven grader? Then you need to create an assignment in a short time and based on the evaluation of this assignment the next class will be determined to pass the tenth grade. That’s why you need to make it serious and standard. If you need assistance with your assignment, feel free to visit our website and accept the assistance. Not only those download the answer to each question and submit standard assignments. In this post, the download link is attached with the HSC English assignment for 1st Week. As soon as you click on the download button, your desired HSC assignment will start downloading.

3rd week assignment 2024 English Answer

As we have already hinted you in the above that there are five more subjects that have been included in the class 11 assignment in this week. The most important and hard one also is the english which is a compulsory subject for each of the HSC level learners. Thus, english assignment class 11 2024 is going to be required by the understudies at present in this 3rd week of the assigned format.


Assignment: write an essay on difference between “online class and in campus class

Steps, instructions and scope of writing assignments:

  1. Write within 300 words,
  2. You have to include (a. Introduction, b. What to online and in campus class means, c. The emergence of a campus class during, d. pros and cons of Campus and online classes, e. Share your experience during covid-19 pandemic as examples, g. consolation)

Class 11 English Assignment 3rd Week Answer

Our young brothers and sisters can also download their class 11 english assignment 3rd week answer 2024 from here. The answer may be different from what you have thought and written. The reason behind such is that the questions are not fixed in the assignment syllabus. Th 11 graders will have to use their brain to generate question along with the answer.


Class 11 English Assignment 3rd Week Answer pdf

2nd week Assignment for HSC English 2021

Those who do not know how to write assignments, the rules for writing assignments are outlined at the end of this post. If you follow these rules, your assignment will be written correctly. HSC student friends have published the Assignment Syllabus on English you know. Then quickly enter our website today and have the syllabus attached to this article. Click on the syllabus and download.


Assignment : Write (in English) about a Bangla or English short story that you have read

Topic & Learning outcome: Unit -13 (Food Adulteration) A learner will be able to
• write a short summary of the story
• write his personal opinion about a short story
• write creative statement about a story
• use vocabulary suitable to comment on a story

Steps / instructions/scope :
• Choose a short story that you enjoyed reading (either in Bangla or in English)
• Write within 200-250 words
• Write the summary of the story (Focus on plot, characters in 5 to 8 sentences)
• Write what you liked and did not like about the story
• If you are asked to bring some changes in the story, what would you change.
• A concluding statement

HSC English 1st paper Assignment Answer 2024

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We all know English is a difficult subject for eleven graders. Creating assignments in this regard is difficult for students. That is why they need cooperation. So we will cooperate in creating answers to each question and attach answers to each question so that they get full cooperation in creating assignments. See the answer to the question below and download it for the assignment. So let’s take a look.

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