HSC 1st Week Assignment

HSC 1st Week Assignment 2024 | Inter 1st Year Assignment Answer:  1st Week  HSC Assignment Answer 2024 is available in our website. Already the authority of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has announced the HSC 1st week assignment answer 2024 (Exam year 2024). By reading our post you can find right answer for the assignment.

HSC 2024 Assignment pdf

1st Week class 11 assignment 2024 has been published on the www.dshe.gov.bd, the official website of Directorate of secondary and higher Education (DSHE) Bangladesh. Download 1st Week Assignment PDF File from here. We are delighted to see you here that you are looking for the First-week Assignment HSC 2024 of Bangladesh. The students have already completed the assignment, and it is their previous assignment, which is valid for 7 days. So let’s check where you can get the assignment syllabus for the 1st week. Directorate of secondary and higher Education already published the PDF of 1st week assignment 2024. Dear friend, let’s go to the below and see the 1st Assignment 2024 of HSC and all subjects.


HSC Assignment Answer 2024 1st Week

After passing SSC exam all of the students mentally are prepared to attend the college class. But unfortunately it is not possible for corona epidemic. For a long time the educational institution of our country is closed but students sit in home idly. For this reason the education ministry has taken a decision to give assignment. On 13th June the authority has published the assignment. In first week bangla, physics, civics, accounting subjects has been announced as assignment. If you read our post you can find HSC Assignment Answer 2024 1st Week.

Because of Corona situation, the students can not involve in study on the other side short syllabus has announced. In this station students should keep in practice by assignment activities. It is a very good steps from the education ministry of our country. Many guardians in our country are worried about their child because they always play mobile game. As Intermediate College assignment 2024 has published so their playing game tendency has reduced.

XI Class College Assignment Solution 2024

By the analysis of current situation it is not sure that education institution will open immediately. But a lot of students are waiting for attending in class but it is not possible. In this situation to start assignment program for college level is very pragmatic steps for the education ministry. However if you want to get Xi college assignment 2024 you have to enter in a website that is dshe.gov.bd.

Inter 1st Year Assignment Answer

Are you searching Inter 1st Year Assignment Answer? Yes it is a right place to find it. Insallah we will try to give all subjects correct answer. You can depend on our site to find out the somadan. As today assignment has announced, all the government and non-government colleges call their students so that they collect their assignment and try to solve it.

My dear I have a recommendation for you that you will answer all subjects for intermediate by more or less your own practice. If you fail to give somadan then you will go to a teacher. By lack of all benefits you can follow dependable website. Not follow those website blindly. My dear you can follow our answer because we make our assignment uttor by experts.

HSC Assignment 2024 Bangla Answer

Although Bangla is our mother language and it is easy subject, our student will search internet to get the solution. So we will give the assignment answer, please match the uttor in a harry with Bangla assignment.


Class 11 Bangla Assignment Answer

HSC Physics Assignment Answer

Our Physics expert team has solved this HSC physics assignment so you can depend on this answer. Physics is very hard subject so most of the students want to find Physics Assignment solution.


HSC Physics Assignment Solution

তুমি 20 ms-1 বেগে একদম খাড়াভাবে একটি 400 gm ভরের ক্রিকেট বল উপরের দিকে ছুড়ে মারলে।

(ক) বলটির বেগ নাম সময়ের গ্রাফ আঁকো।

(খ) গতিপথে সর্বোচ্চ বিন্দুতে বলটির বেগ কত।

(গ) ঐ বিন্দুতে ত্বরণ কত?

(ঘ) ঐখানে ক্রিকেট বলটির উপর ক্রিয়ারত মােট বল কত?

HSC Civics Assignment Solve

Civics is related to arts students so it is natural humanities students will search this answer. Don’t worry we have given right answer below.  If you interested about civics 1st paper assignment answer 2024 for 1st week.


HSC Civics assignment Answer

নাগরিক সভ্যতার ক্রমবিকাশে পৌরনীতি ও সুশাসনের ধারণা বিশ্লেষণপূর্বক একটি নিবন্ধ রচনা কর

HSC Economics Assignment Solution

Economics is harder than any other subject in arts group. So we have given this answer very carefully by our experts. Our Economics experts have tried their best to Economics 1st paper solve this.


অ্যাসাইনমেন্টঃ হাওর এলাকার কৃষক সালামত সাহেবের একখন্ড জমিতে ধান ও গম উৎপাদনের নিন্মরূপ বিকল্প সম্ভাবনা অনুসৃত হয়েছে।

যেমন: ধান উৎপাদন যখন ১৬, ১০ ও ০ মন হয়, তখন উৎপাদন হয় যথাক্রমে ০, ১০, ও ১৬ মন। প্রাপ্ত তথ্যের আলােকে উৎপাদন সম্ভাবনা রেখার অর্থনৈতিক তাৎপর্য বিশ্লেষণ কর।

HSC Economics Assignment 1st Paper Answer

HSC Logic Assignment 2024

DSHE has proclaimed logic assignment questions in the website maddomik and uccho maddomik sikka odidoptor. To see the demand of logic assignment solution searching we have given the solve in the following without any delay.


অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট নং: ০১- যুক্তিবিদ্যার ধারণায় এর পরিধি পাওয়া যায়- পর্যালোচনা কর

শিখনফল বা বিষয়বস্তু : প্রথম অধ্যায় : যুক্তিবিদ্যা পরিচিতি

HSC Logic 1st Paper Assignment Answer

HSC Accounting Assignment 2024

Are you interested about finding your HSC  Accounting Assignment with answer? Certainly we can say that this post is able to give you 100% right answer.


HSC Accounting Assignment Answer PDF

হিসাবচক্রের ধাপ অনুসরণ করে লেনদেন চিহ্নিতকরণ, লিপিবদ্ধকরণ, হিসাবের বই প্রস্তুতকরণ এবং হিসাব সমীকরণে প্রভাব প্রদর্শন:

গৌতম এন্টারপ্রাইজ এর ৩১ জানুয়ারি ২০২১ সালের হিসাব উদ্বৃত্তগুলাে নিম্নরূপ ছিল ।

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