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Class 9 English Assignment 4th Week Solution

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Home Work: Unit-5; Lesson-1 The Greed of Mighty River

  1. Complete the summary of Meherjan’s life with words/phrases from the box.
victims affects close to slum dweller homeless
threats example due to shortage of food one lakh

Meherjan is a typical (1) homeless woman who lives in a slum. She lost her shelter and properties (2) due to the erosion of the river Jamuna. She also lost her family.

Her husband had died of diseases caused by poverty and (3) a shortage of food. Now, she is only a (4) slum dweller.

Like Meherjan there are many people who have become the (5) victims of river erosion. River erosion is still posing (6) threats to the lives and properties of thousands of people.

People living (7) close to the rivers are the most likely victims of river erosion. Each year about (8) one lakh people become homeless due to river erosion. in Bangladesh.

Meherjan’s life is just one (9) example of how climate change (10) affects the lives of thousands of people.

Home Work: Unit-5; Lesson-3

Kandirpar, Comilla.
19 November 2024
You will be very shocked to know that, our existence is going to be threatened because of deforestation.

Deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance.

Deforestation also leads to soil erosion and deprives us of fruit and timber and causes economic loss. Because of deforestation green patches of land are no more green.

New areas of the world are becoming deserts as an immediate effect of deforestation. In absence of trees, CO2 is increasing worldwide. As a result, there is global warming.

Increasing carbon dioxide is making the world warmer. Which is ultimately causing the greenhouse effect. Deforestation causes the rise of sea level. Rising sea level brings about the flood.

It is deforestation that may cause desertification in many parts of the world, which will pose a serious threat to our living.

So, we all should be sincere to protect trees and take a firm stand against deforestation. A measure like “Tree Plantation Campaign” may be launched.

People need to be encouraged to plant more trees and to protect the existing ones. The govt. should introduce strict laws and punish people who are responsible for deforestation.

Alternative use trees should be found out and tree plantation should be strengthened. Besides, trees that were planted before should be preserved.

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