Bangladesh Independence Day

13th week English Assignment class 9 Answer. Category: sciences, humanities and business education; Subject: English, Assignment Number: 03. The title of the assignment and the chapter : Unit-Three: Events and Festivals;

Learning Outcomes / Content:

  • Lesson 1: Mother’s Day;
  • Lesson 2: May Day Lesson;
  • 3: International Mother Language Day-1;
  • Lesson 4: International Mother Language Day-2;
  • Lesson 5: Independence Day;
  • Lesson6: Pohela Boishakh;

Golden Jubilee of our Independence Day

Assignment: This year we are going to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Independence Day. If you are assigned to organize a cultural programme to celebrate the day at your school, what your plan will be to stage the program highlighting the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971. Narrate in brief in not more than 200 words.


  1. Topic/Title;
  2.  Introduction;
  3. Body/Description: (para or para title may vary assignment to assignment);
  4. Conclusion;

13th week English Assignment class 9 Answer

Introduction: Bangladesh Celebrates its Golden Anniversary as an Independent Nation. March 26 marks the commemoration of the Independence day of Bangladesh. It commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from Pakistan in the late hours of 25 March 1971. In our school we are arranging cultural events on The golden jubilee of Bangladesh. In this programme we will arrange some events to commemorate the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971. These are described an below:

Cultural Events: Holy Quran Recitation; At first we will start our programme with the recitation of the Holy Quran. One of our students will recite the holy Quran and another student will translate the holy Quran.

National Anthem: After the holy Quran recitation all the members will sing the national anthem. Everyone will sing the national anthem simultaneously.

Welcome Speech: Then the head teacher of our school will deliver a welcome speech for everyone. He will honor the chief guest with flower wreaths. Then he will tell everyone to pay attention till last.

Songs: The students will sing some Independence day, Golden jubilee etc. These will enchant everyone. These songs will commemorate the historical sacrifice of the freedom fighters in 1971. songs on Bangladesh,

Poem Recitation: Then the students will recite some poems on the golden jubilee of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu, Bangladesh. These poems will remind us of the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971.

Drama: The students will present a play to everyone on the specific event of 1971. Such as they will present a drama on the story of 1971. This drama will play an important role in remembering the independence war in 1971.

Dance: Dance with song is another part of our programme. Some students will dance with songs to enrich the beautification of the programme..

History: One of the students will tell us the whole events of the independence war in 1971 at a glance. It will remind us of the whole war.

Guest Speech: After the students’ performance the guests will deliver speeches on independence war, freedom fighter, sacrifice and struggle, development of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu the golden jubilee of Bangladesh, on etc.

President’s Speech: In the eleventh hour the president will deliver a speech on the whole programme. He will deliver a speech about the performance, thanking everyone etc. Finally he will conclude the programme.

The end: The event will come to an end with captivating fireworks, as a group of children released hundreds of balloons into the sky, while “Tumi Bangla Dhrubotara” played in the background.

Conclusion: The celebration of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh is one of the best parts of our life, We are so happy to celebrate this day. Hopefully we will be able to arrange a dynamic programme on the golden jubilee of Bangladesh with the commemoration of the heroic struggle and sacrifice of freedom fighters in 1971.

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