Golden GPA-5 by studying in prison
After passing Dakhil exam, he attended the madrasa classes only for one week. Then he was arrested and staying in the four walls prison. And, he has to study there.

He goes ahead in prison with his strong will and determination. The student of Karerhat Ganiyatul Alim Madrasa at Mirsarai, Chittagong Mahmudul Hasan astonished through taking part in the Alim examinations during his imprisonment for 21 month and 26 days.

Golden GPA-5 by studying in prison
He obtained the Golden GPA-5 in this year’s Alim exam result. It was known that Jorarganj Thana Police arrested him in a political case on October 02, 2024. Later, another two cases were filled on his name.

Mahmudul Hasan said, I am very happy to achieve this result. My family tried to bail me prior to the Alim examination but failed. So, I determined to make better result if I get the opportunity to attend the Alim examination in the prison.

Hasan said, “I have studied in the prison with the help of prison administration. Some brothers in prison encouraged me to continue study.” Hasan obtained GPA-4 (4.63) in his Dakhil examination.

Karerhat Madrasa Principal Mohammad Shahjahan said, 29 students took part in this year’s Alim exam from my madrasa, all of them have passed. Mahmudul Hasan obtained GPA-5 among them. Madrasa authority was collaborated for his exam in prison. Teachers, students and all are happy with his result.

Mahmudul Hasan’s father Shihab Uddin said, I cannot express my feelings in words for this result of my son. The court did not give his bail despite requesting several times prior to his exam. He wanted to everyone pray for his son that he can obtain better results in future.

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