Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything worldwide along with the education sector. The Directorate of Primary education has decided to broadcast video classes in this lockdown situation. They have selected the slogan ‘Ghore Bose Shikhi’ to make their activities fit the situation. Students are learning their lessons sitting in their home after the decision. Because of this initiative, the authority publishes the Ghore Bose Shikhi routine.

When Did Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine Start From?

Because of the lockdown in the education sector, primary classes have been started on Sangsad TV from April 7. Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine has been published by the Department of Primary Education. The routine was first published on the website of the Department of Primary Education on 5th April. According to the instructions of the authority, students, as well as teachers, will have to watch the classes on TV.

Since then, Bangladesh Betar has started broadcasting primary education lessons through its own platform and community radio. The Department of Primary Education has also published its routine.

Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine From Class 1 to 5

According to the published routine, the first class of primary students for class one, two, three, four, and five have been started from April 7 under the slogan “Ghore Bose Shikhi “. According to the routine, the primary class initially started from 2.00 pm. But later the time was changed and now has been starting from the morning. New routines are being published by the authority every week.

 Update of Your Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine on Our Website

We update your Ghore Bose Shikhi Routine every week on our website here after the official new routine is published. In addition to that, we always upload your daily video classes on our website. So even if you miss any class to watch live on Sangsad TV, you will be able to watch the old classes later directly on our website here through your smartphone or desktop computer.

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Class Lectures on FM Radio, Android App, and YouTube Channel

You will also be able to listen to your class lectures on the FM radio of the designated area by connecting headphones to the normal mobile handset, turning on the FM radio button. You can also listen by downloading FM radio apps from the Google Play Store on the Android phone. You can download the app from Bangladesh Betar’s website or Google Play Store. Classes can also be viewed on the official YouTube channel – Ghore Boshe Shikhi.

As per the routine and instructions, the tutor will give homework at the end of the class on the subject taught. Students will complete homework according to the date in a separate notebook for each subject and submit it to the concerned teacher after school opens.

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Final Words

The step by the government to take classes on Sangsad TV is an alternative way to take classes so that students do not suffer any loss of education during the shutdown. It is your duty to download the Ghore Bose Shikhi routine and continue your study accordingly.

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