Immigration to Canada

Federal skilled worker program Canada immigration 2014 from Bangladesh. Canadian government announced on 23 April 2014 that in the year 2014 it will Issue a large number of Visa more than ever before under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Immigration Program.

Immigration to Canada from Bangladesh

The Canadian High Commission in Singapore accept visa applications submitted online or through visa application centres (VACs) in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Singapore at May 1st, 2014. VFS worldwide manages the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) in Bangladesh which managed by VFS Bangladesh Private Limited.

CVAC is the special service provider for the Canada Government, authorized to accept applications in all provisional resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits) and travel document applications from Canada’s permanent residents in Bangladesh.

Immigration to CanadaIn previous year that is 2013 Visas were issued only for 24 professions but in this year its number is increased to 50 professions. Visa quota is increased to 25000 from Last year’s 5000. In last year 300 visas were issued against one profession which is presently 1000 for Federal skilled worker program Canada immigration 2014.

This is really an unbelievable offer for all Bangladeshi that immigration to canada from Bangladesh. You can settle there as a citizen of Canada including your all family members.   Just you need to work there only for few years.

It is important to know that from next year Canadian government is going to change immigration system. That will be a tougher one than present one.   So it might be your first and last chance. Make it hurry as soon as it is possible to apply federal skilled worker program Canada immigration 2014 from Bangladesh.

Almost people from all professions can apply including BBA, MBA, doctor, Engineer, University teacher, nurse. You need only two years professional experience.

How to apply Immigration to Canada from Bangladesh?

To apply Immigration to Canada from Bangladesh you have to follow some step.

Step 1: Eligible to apply

You may be asked questions about your Nationality, age, family members, work experience, language ability, education background, income and/or net worth and details on any job offer.

Step 2: Fill out your application with your real documents

For example: If you are interested to apply for permanent residence, they will provide you some steps you need to submit an application. On the other hand, for temporary / provisional residence in Canada (visitor visas, study and work permits) they will ask you some questions and give you a list of papers which you will need to submit with your application. That will be your document checklist.

Once you have your documents and application form ready, you can submit your application to CIC. Applicants need to get a medical exam and police variation before submitting their application.

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Federal skilled worker program Canada 2014