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Brad Lea Net Worth, Early Life, Education

Brad Lea Net Worth defines him as an Entrepreneur and businessman with a significant online following, Brad Lea. He gained his fortune by founding the interactive virtual training system LightSpeed VT. With his podcast, books, and courses, he has developed into a thought leader. Brad Lea has an estimated net worth of $8 million in 2022.

What is the net worth of Brad Lea?

Brad Lea is a well-known business visionary and the author of LightSpeed VT, which has a 25 million dollar market value in 2022. This organization has the most user-friendly recruiting platform available. He is commonly referred to as the Real Brad Lea. Late examination suggests that he will become a billionaire very soon. Currently, he is the host of the Dropping Bombs webcast. He wrote a remarkable book entitled “the Real Deal.”

Name Brad Lea
Birth  November 9, 1969
Birth Place Cottage Grove, Oregon
Net Worth 8 Million
Nationality American
Profession Writer, Entrepreneur
Gender Male
Wife Melissa Renee
Children 2

This article will discuss Brad Lea’s net worth and other pertinent information. Please stay to the conclusion of the article if you’re interested. This website keeps an extensive database of VIPs from around the globe. According to the most recent data from 2022, Brad Lea’s projected net worth is $8 million.

Brad Lea  Early Years

Brad Lea was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon, on November 9, 1969. At 14, he relocated with his family to Eugene, Oregon. He had spent the majority of his youth there.

Brad comes from a middle-class background, and his life is full of ups and downs. In addition, Brad stated in an interview that his father has some entrepreneurial abilities.

At age 16, he quit school to pursue his ambition of becoming a movie star. However, after six months, he loses all hope and is bankrupt. To deal with the issue, he later obtained a job as a salesperson.

Education of Brad Lea

Brad Lea couldn’t complete his education unduly because he could not attend school. According to his teachers, he lacks the intelligence to pass the secondary school obstacle. He enrolled in school but eventually dropped out. Consequently, he pursued a schooling career. He was generally a unique thinker. Therefore, he anticipated a solution that was more than a piece of the authentication.

Establishing LightSpeed VT

Brad realized he had an aptitude for teaching. He was able to instruct a restricted number of students in person. This inspired him to use the Internet to reach a wider audience. During this time, the tech bubble reached its peak.

In 1999, he founded LightSpeed VT, intending to revolutionize online education. They provide consumers with a method of learning far superior to the traditional methods utilized by organizations.

As his company expanded, Lea’s social media influence soared. His 750,000 Instagram followers receive regular encouraging tips from him. With this notoriety, he expanded into various methods of instructing people. In addition, as his business expanded, he became a social media influencer. Currently, the market worth of the company exceeds $25 million.

YouTube Podcast

Brad operates the YouTube channel BRAD LEA TV. On his channel, he frequently posts videos about sales, business, and daily living.

In addition, he hosts the audio series Dropping Bombs on his channel.

Moreover, his channel currently has over 118K Subscribers and a total of 5M views.

Spouse and Children of Brad Lea

As a prosperous businessman looking for a strong mate, he met Melissa Renee. He decided to marry her, resulting in her becoming Melissa Renee Lea shortly after that. They had two daughters and seven children in total.

Summary of Brad Lea’s Net Worth

Brad Lea could not complete the professional education, but he demonstrated that certification is not a barrier if a person possesses the necessary skills. He acknowledged that a piece of paper could not determine fate. His adolescence was difficult, but he managed to attain success notwithstanding. The genuine Brad Lea is an exceptional representation of Zero to Millionaire.



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