DSE Latest Share Price

The full form of DSE is Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited which was formed in 1954. In 1964, the name of East Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited turned into Dacca Stock Exchange Limited. It was in Matijhil, but now at Nikunja-2, Dhaka. Dhaka Stock Exchange is one of the two financial marketplaces in Bangladesh. People, who invest in DSE or are interested to invest in DSE, first check the latest share price of DSE to get the idea of this marketplace. In this article, you will get to know some important information regarding DSE latest share price.

DSE Latest Share Price 2024 Today

DSE is open from Sunday to Thursday. It is an open business platform for all. Before, people had to come to the main DSE office to the DSE latest share price. Today, people can check the DSE latest share price or anything related to DSE from anywhere in the world for the development of technology.

How DSE Works and How to Invest?

To invest in DSE, the first and foremost thing is to conduct an advisor who can help you get an idea about the whole process. Without an advisor, you must create chaos and invest in the wrong sectors. As a Muslim majority country, DSE also gives opportunities to invest in Non-Haram sectors. It means the companies are not related to Alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, etc.

DSE highly encourages foreign investors. For foreign investors, they must go under several criteria. First, they have to open Non-Resident Taka Account. That allows them to trade in Bangladesh securities. Then, they have to choose a custodian from an authorized bank to provide their services. For that, they have to open several bank accounts to handle currency and trade. Then they will allow investing in DSE.

 Dhaka Stock Exchange Trading Timetable

The stock exchange is open from Sunday to Thursday as Friday and Saturday are the government holidays in Bangladesh. The time slot of these days is from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm and trading is needed to be done following this strict schedule. There are about 600 companies enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange and trading can be done based on the listed shares on the stock exchange.

Top Five Share Companies in Bangladesh

DSE latest share price of top five companies are given below:

GENEXIL 102.3 104 96.6 97 6,516 469.8670 4,664,113
BPML 91.5 93.9 89.3 89.8 4,941 249.4170 2,724,891
AAMRANET 61.5 63.3 59.9 60.8 3,700 248.7710 4,002,237
BSC 133.8 137.8 133.6 136.5 2,246 228.3990 1,687,584
ITC 38.5 38.5 34.8 35 3,202 202.3870 5,398,038
SPCERAMICS 45.8 47.2 44.9 44.9 3,511 195.6910 4,218,969
LHBL 66.4 67.3 65.7 67.3 2,392 167.8570 2,532,576
ORIONPHARM 89.4 90.9 87.8 89.1 2,684 155.6250 1,740,537
BDCOM 46 47.4 45.8 46.2 2,396 132.0060 2,860,003
MEGHNALIFE 90.7 91.4 86.1 88.1 2,436 119.2600 1,352,389
SEAPEARL 229.9 235 223 222.7 1,579 114.6640 504,564
BXPHARMA 152.1 154.8 149.9 150.8 815 111.8450 730,887
INTRACO 38.1 39 37.8 38.7 2,717 99.2720 2,596,151
JHRML 93.7 94.4 89.6 92 2,370 97.0060 1,048,793
GEMINISEA 402 402 366.4 369.7 3,548 96.1110 246,196
EHL 89.1 91.2 87.5 88.3 2,135 88.6970 991,294
METROSPIN 49.6 50 48.1 48.6 644 71.7680 1,463,043
AAMRATECH 42.5 43.7 41.5 42.3 1,665 71.3010 1,664,494
ORIONINFU 367.9 379.8 360.1 373 3,078 66.3530 179,717
NAVANAPHAR 85.1 86.8 83.5 84.5 1,829 60.4880 709,154

 Mission, Vision, and Facilities of Dhaka Stock Exchange

DSE aims to push the economic growth of Bangladesh by using the technology to provide the highest level of confidence among the stakeholders. Dhaka Stock Exchange also offers a proactive approach to keeping up with the technology and ensuring good service quality. Again, DSE’s contribution to the nation’s economy is inevitable.

DSE always tries to motivate its Investors, regulators, issuers, and intermediaries. DSE also gives training to their employees to make their marketplace skillful. They are also aware of education. DSE is very cognizant of building an educative community. The competition between the DSE latest share price holders is also giving the same efforts to push Bangladesh’s economic growth.

About Dhaka Stock Exchange

Dhaka Stock Exchange was founded way back in 1954 and since then it has been operating with full power. Over the past, more than half of the century Dhaka Stock Exchange has been playing a pivotal role in market capitalization in Bangladesh. By, 2024 the overall market capital gained by Dhaka Stock Exchange was estimated as $46 billion. So, it can be said that DSE is indeed is the capital market center house of the country. The stock exchange is located in Motijheel, one of the most engaging areas in Dhaka city. As of now, the number of Dhaka Stock Exchange listing is almost 750 and it has an index of DSE 30 index.

Final Words

Dhaka Stock Exchange has a significant contribution to the development of Bangladesh. DSE latest share price holders are always in a competition that keeps the DSE alive. DSE does not only know who the DSE latest share price holders but also offers career opportunities and business ideas.

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