Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price

The Dhaka metro rail Bangladesh ticket price is pretty low and the citizen of Bangladesh can greatly benefit from this cheap and fast way of transportation. However, as it’s quite new to our country, many people don’t know about the metro rail fare and the ticket price.

We’ll provide all the details and information that you need to know about the metro rail ticket price and provide a fare chart that you can use to check the price easily. Make sure to read the entire thing so that you get the entire information.

Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price

The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) has announced the ticket price of metro rail recently, and it’ll change the way of transportation very fast. That being said, the metro rail is still in the beginning phase, and it’ll only cover the area from Uttara to Agargaon.

So, you can expect to travel between the stations fast and at a low cost. The ticket price itself is flexible and differs considering the distance that you want to cover.

For instance, if you want to travel to Farmgte from Mirpur 10, you’ll have to pay 30 Taka only. From Mirpur 10 to Karwan Bazar is 40 taka, Shahabag or Dhaka University is only 50 taka. If you want to go to Secretariat or Motijheel, you’ll have to pay 60 takas for that. And the Kamalapur ticket will cost you 70 taka from Mirpur 10.

These were a few of the ticket prices that were announced by the Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA). As you saw, it can be pretty tricky to remember all that ticket prices. So, you can take advantage of the fare chart provided on our website to take a quick look and learn all about the prices instantly.

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Dhaka Metro Rail Fare Chart

We have a fare chart that has all the fare prices listed for your convenience. You can take a look at this chart and check your current place and the destination you want to go to. Then, you can simply look at the fare chart and check the fare price right away.

That way, you won’t have to deal with memorizing a whole bunch of fare prices or checking the official notice over and over. The fare chart we provide has all the places listed in the most convenient fashion so that you can easily check the fare price at a glance.

                Starting Point Destination Fare
Uttara North Uttara Center 20
Uttara Center Uttara South 20
Uttara South Pollobi 20
Pollobi Mirpur 11 20
Mirpur 11 Mirpur 10 20
Mirpur 10 Kazipara 20
Kazipara Sheurapara 20
Sheurapara Agargaon 20
Agargaon BijoyShoroni 20
BijoyShoroni Farmgate 20
Farmgate Karwanbazar 20
Karwanbazar Shahabag 20
Shahabag Dhaka University 20
Dhaka University Shocibaloy 20
Shocibaloy Motijhil 20
Motijhil Komlapur 20
Komlapur N/A N/A

Dhaka Metro Rail Registration for permanent ticket

Metro Rail Lowest Fare

As we mentioned earlier, the metro rail is going to transform the way of transportation in this country as it’s super convenient and cheap. The lowest fare will prove that point as the lowest fare of the Bangladesh metro rail is set to only 20 Taka. And the rate per kilometer distance is set to only 5 Taka.

Dhaka Metro Rail Fare

You can already see how it’ll help the people of our country move from one place to the other without spending a whole lot of money. It’s safe, fast, and affordable at the same time.

Bangladesh Metro Rail Route

The Bangladesh metro rail is still in its beginning phase. So, the route is still not fully complete and it’s only operating from Uttara to Agargaon for now. However, once all the stations are constructed, the route should have 12 underground stations.

The stations include Shahjalal International Airport, Shahjalal International Airport Terminal 3, Khilkhet, Jamuna Future Park, Notun Bazar, Uttar Badda, Badda, Hatirjheel East, Rampura, Malibagh, Rajarbagh and Kamalapur Railway Station. It’ll make moving inside the city so much easier and hassle-free.

dhaka metrorail line 6 ticket price

How To Use Ticket Vending Machines

A passenger has to follow several steps to buy tickets using the ticket vending machines available on the second floor of each metro rail station.

A set of easy-to-follow instructions on the purchase of single-use tickets will appear on the screen. The ticket machines have both Bangla and English language options.


  • After setting the language for the instruction, a passenger has to click the ‘single journey ticket’ option, following which, the starting station’s name will appear in green on the screen.

  • A passenger must then select a destination. Information on the destination and the fare will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Then, the passenger will have to enter the number of tickets they are looking to buy at the bottom of the screen. Each passenger can buy up to five tickets at a time.
  • After selecting the number of tickets, they have to press the ‘Okay’ button to proceed. Instructions will then appear about inserting money into a designated port.
  • The machine will notify the customer about the amount of amount they have inserted.
  • Once the correct amount has been inserted, the machine will print out the tickets from the bottom-left side of the screen, along with any change.
  • Passengers cannot use large banknotes to pay a modest fare at the machine. The ticket machine screen will show the largest note one can use to pay a specific fare.
  • If the passenger has no change for the metro rail ticket, they will be able to get help from the staff at the ticket counter.
  • The ticket machines will accept any banknote used in Bangladesh, but worn-out or torn notes should not be inserted into the machine.


You just went through the detailed discussion on the metro rail ticket price in Bangladesh. As you saw, it’s quite flexible, and you should definitely use this fantastic way of transportation to move around.

I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website.