Desh General Insurance IPO result

Desh General Insurance IPO result | DGIC IPO Result 2024. The lottery draw for allotment of shares among the applicants in the initial public offering of Desh General Insurance Limited will be held on Wednesday (March 10). Company sources said this on Tuesday (March 9) 2024.

According to the information, the lottery draw of the company will be held on the digital platform at 11 am. Earlier, applications for the company’s IPO were accepted from February 14 to February 18.

Desh General Insurance IPO result

Desh General Insurance Company IPO Lottery Result publishing date is 10th March 2021.  IPO Application submission started date next 14th February 2024. Desh General Insurance Company celebrates successful IPO approval from BSEC with the representatives of its issue manager Asian Tiger Capital Partners Investments Limited.

Sponsor-directors would provide Tk 2 crore, while the remaining Tk 18 crore would be collected from general investors by selling its units at Tk 10 each. UCB Management will act as the asset manager of the fund, Sandhani Life Insurance as a trustee, and Brac Bank as its custodian.

Desh General Insurance Company IPO Result

The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) on Wednesday approved Desh General Insurance Company’s initial public offerings (IPO) worth Tk 16 crore. The IPO subscription of the Desh General Insurance will start in February next year, while Prime Finance Capital Management will act as the issue manager. As per the commission’s condition, the insurance company is bound to invest its total IPO fund in the capital market, purchasing treasury bonds, paying IPO costs and others.

DGIC IPO Lottery Draw Result

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This year Desh General Insurance Company Limited was a landmark in the sense that we found a greater alignment with our purpose. Definitely, our purpose is to ensure that we dovetail our organizational vision with the bigger picture, the doctrine of which has been in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This has provided us with a strong focus to formulate our products and solutions around catering to what is emerging as the most important differentiator in a crowded market: relevant, high-impact, high-value, and low-cost insurance services. Desh General Insurance Company Limited official website

Desh General Insurance IPO Result

Desh General Insurance Company incorporated under the Companies Act 1994 by the office of the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies in Bangladesh on February 08, 2000. We began the journey of our business in the same year presenting the Company as DGIC in brief codes.

Since 2000 we are providing insurance coverage in respect of risks allied to individuals, properties, assets, and business; in this respect, we are maintaining a high-level professional provision of human resources to meet up the requirements of our valued clients. Our services mainly include:

FIRE: Fire and Allied perils Insurance, Industrial all risk Insurance (IAR), Business Interruption Insurance, Loss of Profit/Consequential Loss Insurance.

MARINE: Marine Cargo Insurance (Transit by sea, air, land), Marine Hull Insurance.

ENGINEERING: Erection All Risk (EAR), Contractors All Risk (CAR), Machinery Breakdown (MBD) Insurance, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance, Deterioration of Stock (DOS) Insurance.

MOTOR: Motor Vehicle Insurance (Comprehensive & Act Liability.

MONEY INSURANCE: Cash -in-transit (CIT) Insurance, Cash -in-safe (CIS) Insurance (ATM), Cash -on-counter (COC) Insurance.

MISCELLANEOUS: Burglary and Housebreaking, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, Personal Accident (PA), Peoples Personal Accident (PPA) Insurance.

Desh General Insurance IPO Result 2021

Meantime, many individuals, national and multi-national companies entrusted their insurance requirements to our Company and getting our improvised professional services over the years of operations. More to that, in course of our day-to-day business, sometimes, our clients are in the dilemma of selecting the appropriate insurance coverage to suit their needs in respect of risk and situation and require specialist advice/suggestion from a team of risk management professionals.

We at DGIC, doing the same and undertaking the responsibility of proposing the right & adequate coverage as needed to protect and stabilize the financial interests of our promoters & sponsors i.e., our respected clients.

Furthermore, being insurance is an act of transferring risks and liabilities through a chain of contracts, we also distribute & transfer our undertakings to our reinsurers in proportions locally to SBC and many other overseas reinsurers; this is for the better recovery of losses against occurrences to the properties & assets insured with us. Thus, we insure and ensure the interests of our clients & our Company “DGIC”.

We are in the train of progress to reach the utmost destination of the stronger base of providing the highest risk coverage with a stronger financial provision. The very important consideration is that our Company is now holding the long-term credit rating of A+ based on our financial and organizational variables. “DGIC” ensures professional dedication to secure your business interests to the best.

Desh General Insurance Company IPO Result 2021

Desh General Insurance Company IPO Result 2021

Desh General Insurance will invest the IPO funds in the capital market, fixed deposits, and treasury bonds. According to the audited financial report for the year ending on 31 December 2021, the earnings per share (EPS) of the company stood at Tk1.36 while its net asset value per share was Tk11.62, excluding revaluation.

About Desh General Insurance Company Ltd

Desh General Insurance Company Ltd. has amassed more than BDT 240 million with a credit rating of A+ (long term). Desh General Insurance Company (DGIC) has a presence in the strategically important parts of the country which includes 43 branches.

Desh General Insurance Company Limited is a Public Limited Company incorporated in Bangladesh on February 08, 2000, under the Companies Act-1994 and Insurance Act 1938 (Replaced by Insurance Act, 2010).

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Desh General Insurance Company Limited (DGIC) is one of the pioneering general insurance companies in Bangladesh. DGICL was incorporated on February 08, 2000, as a public limited company, under the Companies Act 1913, and its operation commenced on 1st March 2000 with a paid-up capital of BDT 60.00 million.

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