Class 8 English Assignment

Different assignment topics for students of class 8 are making them more knowledgeable. Without any doubt, providing assignment on different subjects by the directorate of secondary and higher secondary education is a great initiative. This is bringing a lot of benefits to the students to continue their studies in this lockdown situation. In this article, we are going to describe the class 8 English assignment 2024 Answer.

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Why Class 8 English Assignment is Important?

Class 8 English assignment is very much helpful for all types of students as it is bringing them a chance to practice English on their own. Students are getting different topics every week and solving them within a certain time. On the one hand, this is making them more interested in this subject as they can think on their own and write accordingly. On the other hand, it is helping students to continue their studies and avoid boringness in their home staying.

Class 8 Assignment 1st to 11th Week

এসাইনমেন্ট এর সকল সমাধান পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন
গ্রুপ লিঙ্কঃ

11th Week Class 8 English Assignment Question Answer


Lesson 3: Hygiene
Priya lives in a village. Now-a-days, she is confinedto the four walls as her school has been closed since 17 March 2024. She became scared when she came to know that a deadly virus named Corona spread all over the world and the Government of Bangladesh requested people to stay at home to stop the spread widely. To maintain personal health and hygiene, people need to eat nutritious food and take regular physical exercise, wash hands frequently and maintain social distance to be safe. However, it makes her sad seeingmany people not following the safety rules.

Now, think of the existing worldwide corona pandemic situation. List 10 protective measures and make a poster to stop the spread of coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

Instruction: Students are asked to follow the general rules of making a poster.

8th Week Class 8 English Assignment 2021

From the 1st week of the assignment topics, students are solving different things in English. Most of the time, they solve everything on their own. When they need any help related to their assignment, they can take help from the internet. This is also making them aware of the use of digital technology. Considering all these, the Class 8 English assignment is very much important for all types of students.

Assignment : Lesson-4: A delicious dish Think about one of your favourite dishes.Talk to one of your family members who knows cooking and note it down. Then prepare the dish . Now narrate the steps how you have prepared the dish.

Instruction: Students are asked to observe all the steps carefully and narrate accordingly.

Assigned Task, Assignment and Assessment Criteria on the basis of Revised Syllabus due to COVID-19,2021

6th Week Class 8 English Assignment 2021

Assignment-2 Lesson 3: Our daily diet Your Daily Diet
1. Make a list of food items you take every day as breakfast, brunch( a meal between breakfast and lunch), lunch, afternoon tea(a small meal you can have in the afternoon) and, dinner and, identify what kinds of food they are. For example-Protein, Carbohydrate etc.

2. Decide if your daily diet is balanced. If yes. give reasons.

3. If it’s not, explain why not.

Assignment-3 Lesson-4: A delicious dish Think about one of your favorite dishes.Talk to one of your family members who knows cooking and note it down. Then prepare the dish . Now narrate the steps how you have prepared the dish.

2nd Assignment Class-8 English

Suppose, you have a foreign friend who is very curious to know about the ethnic people of your country. Now, prepare a fact file on them. You can tell about their dress, food, culture, sports and pastimes in 200 words. Use narratives, images, pictures, tables, or information as needed.

Unit-1 : Lesson-2 Nakshi Kantha

H W: Section-D

Unit-2 : Lesson 4 A Delicious Dish
Assigned Tasks/Assignment

Assignment: Think abouta delicious and nutritious food like Khichuri or Pudding or Firni. Ask some questions to your mother about its recipe. Try to prepare it with the help of other family members. Now, describe how to cook it following the recipe of custard given in your
textbook. Also write down two reasons why it is a good or healthy food.

Assessment Criteria: Teacher will give feedback to assesthe tasks on ideas, vocabulary, grammar, content, spelling, punctuation and communication.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment : Learn Why You like Nakshi Kantha

Class 8 English Assignment Syllabus

The syllabus of the class 8 English assignment contains different topics. If you go through the official website of the directorate of secondary and higher secondary education, you will be able to see what topics are there for your English assignment. You can also learn about your assignment syllabus on our website here. To get your assignment syllabus, you need to click on the link here.

Class 8 Assignment English Answer

You can download your class 8 English assignment in two different ways. First, you can visit the official website to download your assignment. In the second way, you can download it by following our link provided here. If you follow our link, you will get the official and accurate information without any doubt. So we would recommend you to download your assignment easily from our site.

2nd Assignment Class-8 English

Unit-5: Lesson-4 – A Man Who Loves Trees & Lesson-7 The Truthful Dove-3

Unit-7:  Lesson-4 River Gypsies in Bangladesh (2)

Assigned Tasks/Assignment

  • Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us. Do you agree? Why/Why not?
  • Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”?
  • Imagine there is a boat-school in your area to teach river gypsy children. Write a paragraph
    about how you can help the gypsy children swith learning.Assessment Criteria
    In this writing task, teacher will check students’ language that they will use to connect their imagination with the content, ability to answer to the point, spelling, grammar, Punctuation

3rd Assignment Class-8 English

English Grammar and Composition, Class- 8

Unit-7: Changing Sentences Paragraph (Descriptive)

Exercise at page no. 143
Changing assertive sentences into interrogative

Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following questions:
1) Where did you visit?
2) Why did you go there?
3) How did you go there?
4) Who accompanied you?
5) Did you like the place? Why,’Why not?

Aessment Criteria: Teacher will check the grammar exercises and write comments and assess the paragraph from different aspects such as grammar, ideas, organization of ideas,
communication, punctuation and spelling.

Grammar and Composition Answer Class 8


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